Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Town

Sunday, Plastic Girl and I head down to the Gold Coast for a day trip. I grew up on the Gold Coast, a short walk from one of the world best beaches, however I was a fish out of water, I wasn't a beach chick. While I frolicked on the beach as a child as grew I longed instead for trees whose leaves changed colour and for a climate where clothing other than shorts and t-shirt were the norm. It is no wonder then that I chose the frosty Australian Capital of Canberra for a place to study at University.

These days, I live in the tropical Queensland Capital of Brisbane and I'm comfortably enjoying its warm and sunny clime. With the new highway, the Gold Coast is only an hour's drive from Brisbane city and so with my "still in its wrapper" Driver's Licence it was off on a road trip to visit my old stomping ground and give Liana the cook's tour.

So much has changed in Surfers Paradise and then some things haven't. As we walked along the beach, in my woefully inappropriate city clothes, I remembered how much I loved the beach. I was transported back to my childhood when my sister and I made dribble castles in the sand or wrote our names in huge letters with pieces of driftwood. The surf on Sunday was clean and the whole scene was postcard perfect. People were everywhere enjoying themselves in the layed back fashion Australia is so known for. I had to wonder at myself and at the opinions of a younger me who's eyes where so blind as to wish to flee from such a place whose golden gifts are free to all.

I look forward to more homecomings.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Sunshowers

Slowly travelled, with Gentle footsteps, Pooling the waters of life.

Quiet and cool, the Spirit reposes within the Human Soul, Finally Home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

By Bramble Bay

Walking in the morning lately has been so clear and bright: with the Water Dragons of the East still sleeping, the sun holds dominion until noon.

But later, on a walk by Bramble Bay I pause on an island of sand and belong briefly to the companion of Silver Gulls bathing and waiting for the tide. The plane of heaven stretched out into the haze of distance, and sinking not, emerged above it in mysterious mountains of white, prevailing with secret atmospheres all of their own.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Fishing Line - hanging mobile

This month's new addition to the Flying Star Toys collections is a hanging mobile called The Fishing Line.

Clear water and sapphire skies, silvery light on a midday sand, little fishes slip through, in the stream of life. These are the images of inspiration that linger in The Fishing Line hanging mobile.

Fish have long been significant symbols of life and and the soul in nature and man. The soul swims unseen through the sea of our life, sometimes we need quite moments to catch sight of it. You can read more about the The Fishing Line on The Fishing Line Story page.

The Fishing Line is a significant piece of subtle detail. The current limited edition Bramble Bay is named after the tranquil cove of Moreton Bay near my home. You can see more images on The Fishing Line Gallery page.

The Fishing Line is now available in the Flying Star Toys on Etsy shop.