Monday, August 17, 2009

Always Apple - Cushion Friend

Commissions are often an inspiration. Recently I was asked to do a large version of Always Apple and as you can see Always Apple Cushion Friend was the result. I've added this new version to the permanent collection. I hope you like this big red Always Apple Cushion Friend as much as I do :)

Always Apple Cushion Friend is made of cotton homespun and is about 11 inches wide with a hand embroidered face. Now Available in Flying Star Toys on Etsy shop ($US) and the Flying Star Toys on Big Cartel ($AUD).

Alway Apple is one of the Fruits of Eve: Always Apple and Perfect Pear are wholesome and succulent. Taste the good life, make a happy home.


Lenae May said...

I just stumbled upon your have adorable work! Your art booth looks so fun! I'm adding your link to my blog so I can find you again.
Have a great day!

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks for dropping by Lenae and thanks for the link :) I like your Sufferage Ladies - a lot of care and attention to detail. Have a great week!


Shell said...

I've just been to the Apple Isle, so seeing these little beauties is very timely for me. They're far too cute to eat!

Cheryl said...

Cute cushion!