Friday, August 04, 2006

Sandgate Folk - EIN BUM PIN

Last Sunday, in my village Sandgate, was the annual EIN BUM PIN festival. Ein Bum Pin comes from the local aboriginal word for lagoon. Sandgate is located around two lagoons just back from the edge of Moreton Bay. The smaller of the two is in the centre of the village. The lagoon brings the village together. Everyone that lives here is proud of our help each other attitude. You'll often here the phrase, "I like to keep it in the village." In other words, to do business with locals.

Its the village spirit that fills our Ein Bum Pin festival too. The weather had the touch of spring, people where relaxed and smiling - I had a great day and I thought I'd share it with you.

There were colourful stalls selling homemade sweets; fairies on stilts to blow bubbles in the air; families with strollers; lovers holding hands. The people slowly winding around the lagoon to see and share under the shade of the gum trees, with the screech of the Cockatoos in the air.

The traditional mullet throwing competition is a must see. The crowds camp up the landing end to see whose mullet gets closest to the centre between the witches hat. Mullet is a great fish, its high in omega 3 and every part is useful - the Japanese highly value the roe, fisherman use the heads and skeletons for crab pots, so it ends up being a very affordable choice at the fish markets. But don't worry, when it comes to mullet tossing we only use handmade mullet. Pretty aren't they - not the least like the real thing but who cares, I like these better.

There was even some carnival games like the impossible Clown game and this Rubber Ducky game. Look at all those tempting toys....

Speaking of toys, here are some on offer at the stalls (bit of a pun there;)

The teddies were made by some of the crafters from the Sandgate Branch of the Senior Citizens Club. That funny long one in the middle I found out is called a Hugger Mugger a comforter for sleeping. The pink teddy came home with me. I called her Henry, she now lives on the floor under the TV and she freaks out my cat Baby when we move her as a puppet. I also bought a great hand knitted Banana in Pajamas, but I'll post him later when I continue my "Toyz in da House" series.

After all the excitement of the festival it was time to walk down to the bay, pass the picnickers and the overflowing cafes and restaurants and quietly stroll along the waters edge and sit in the sun for a while.

A perfect day.


Merlyn Gabriel said...

That looks like paradise. What fun. Love the pink teddy, reminds me of the ones my granny made eaons ago. ( She lived to be 100)

What a beautiful day too. Makes me wish air fare was a whole hell of a lot cheaper and it didn't take forever to fly over and hangout!

You have a cat...wonderful. I love cats, I used to have 2 but we can't have cats because my special other is terribly allergic ( main reason there are other reasons though) give her a snuggle for me. Cats are the best!

hugs and more...

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

you are a lucky duck!
great photos, I'm glad your phone decided to release them.
i wonder if knitting toys and living in a village is the key to long life. i fear that making jewellery in the city is the key to a short one!!

Florence said...

Merly, your Gran sounds amazing.

For us in OZ everything is far away and expensive. I wish you could beem over for a visit too.
My cat Baby loves your suggestion. She's a queen in our house. Lately she's been very annoyed with all the time I spend on the puter. She likes to sleep on my lap in the loung room. She has her habits and doesn't appreciate change.

Bec, city is zoom zoom, I love the rush and the molecular momentum. but good to live almost country style in Sandgate.

My phone finally worked and allowed the transfer of the photos! I'm not sure why but I think it was the install of IE7 beta 3, beta 2 was very buggy. I hope my camera's program will now work too. oh happy days!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A great series of photos, Florence. The occasion sounds a very happy one that you presented well. Thanks for sharing that.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Wow, that looked like a fun festival. We have festivals for Aspargus, craydads, sandhill cranes and strawberry in my part of the world (very aggie), but they all cost $$ and have lots of cheep junk. Very few cool hand-crafts. Look like a neat place to live.

Also, remember on LGS this week Voter for AOC ... What who said that, don't try to influnce the judges, no matter how smart, pretty, creative, cool, quirky (are you buying this yet, I running out of adjective)

Florence said...

Jean-Luc, I always appreciate your comments, thanks :D

AOC, you're a real charmer, I've noticed. While I like to be objective, flattery is always welcome:D

An asparagus festival sounds fun. And also what does 'aggie' mean?

Merlyn Gabriel said...

aggie = agricultural.


Courtney said...

Someday I'm going to visit your fine country.
Here via Michele today.

Carmi said...

I would characterize it as a perfect description of a perfect day. You described it so beautifully - in words and in pictures - that I found it difficult to resist the urge to start planning to attend next year's event in person.

How wonderful that you were able to experience it. How lucky we are that you shared it with us on your blog. Cool!

Florence said...

Courtney and Carmi, always a pleasure when you stop by. Thank you for your kind words.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Aggie= agriculture, I live in a big farming area of CA. My bad on using a colloquialism. :)