Thursday, August 23, 2007

Moon on Ice

Music "Moon On Ice" by Yello, lyrics and vocals by Billy Mackenzie from the album "One Second" (1987). This video clip was made by wjwheeler.

I spent most of today watching YouTube looking at Yello videos and collecting videos of Voodoo for my other blog Design Dramaturge. I found an interesting video from National Geographic, a great photo documentation of a Voodoo ceremony in Brooklyn New York and also a short "tour" of Haitian art from what looks like an art gallery in Haiti. If your interested in taking a short tour yourself of Voodoo see my post A Short Video Tour of Voodoo.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is she in here?

I must apologize for being a bit quiet on the blog lately. I've been on a non-stop designing binge. Add to that building my website, which becomes an even bigger mountain every time I design a new toy as I calculate all the images, web pages, photo shoots and processing I have to manage to launch this thing....I have to say I was feeling overwhelmed..(which is my favourite word at the moment).

But finally, and thankfully, I have come to the end of the binge. I have only one toy design left to finish for this session, though I have a heap of excellent drawings waiting in line for the next round, something went click and I knew I could now take a deep breath.

Over the last 2 1/2 months I've been able to watch the development of my style and come to understand it, observe it and appreciate it. And I finally have a feel of just how Flying Star Toys fits into the broad road of designer toys. It's only taken me nearly 3 years but since my work didn't fit into an easy niche it has been a test of my endurance. In the end just sticking with it and following one's own ball of string as it snakes out of the labyrinth works very well.

I hope you'll see what I mean about the Flying Star Toys style bit more over the coming weeks.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Look and See Owls

Allow me to present "Look and See Owls" hanging charms. With wisdom reminiscent of the Buddha's eyes on the Stupas of Kathmandu, their eyes turn to watch over their shoulders, keeping a lookout for you and your family.

When hung on a door or window any movement will send out a jingling bell to let you know. Look and See Owls currently come in two reverse variations called Woodland Brown and Meadow Green, with each variation having its own matching charm and bell. Woodland Brown has a copper look flower and bell, while Meadow Green Look and See Owls have silver Indian bells and decorative heart charm.

Hand embroidered with Pearl thread on blue and white shot woven cotton. Look and See Owls are approximately 20 cm (8 inches) from head to wing tip or 34 cm (13 1/2 inches) including grosgrain ribbon.

Unfortunately, as of August 15th all Flying Star Toys prices will have to rise to reflect their retail price in line with the new website.

Until then Look and See Owls will be available on Flying Star Toys on Etsy for their specials price :)