Wednesday, December 13, 2006

News Flash: New book on Contemporary Craft

Before I continue on my own thought path, I'd like to share this book review highlighted in the latest designboom newsletter of the new book "By Hand: the use of craft in contemporary art" by Shu Hung and Joseph Magliaro, Princeton Architectural, 2006, ISBN: 1568986106.

Here's a sample of the review:

"age-old techniques, often passed down from one generation to another. with focus on takes a long time to make these laborious art works the process becomes ‘craft’, meaning to ‘care’, is restored to its original sense.the process of fabrication as gestures of sincerity."

Unfortunately, it wont be available on Amazon until after Christmas, but worth adding to the wishlist.

Image 2: "Cute and Scary" (detail) by Aya Kakeda, 2004


jude said...

its on my list!!!!!

shane said...

I recently held this book in my hands , at Folios, QAG bookstore, or in a dream...I was tricked by the front covers suggestion that it is not flat. This is my proof.:-)

Shell said...

I have this book! I bought it on Amazon about a month ago after seeing it mentioned on someone's blog. It must have sold out? It is fantastic, and really good value actually. It's a lot thicker than I thought and there are lots of pictures (which I like!). So, it comes highly recommended from me. I saw it in the new GOMA bookshop too, but I didn't check out the price. I'd be guessing that Amazon would be heaps cheaper.

Florence said...

I have yet to make my way over to the new gallery, *shame faced admission* but now that my time has freed up a bit I'm sure my lovely friends at the bookshop will be pleased to see this book lover's return.

seems like this book has climb the wishlist rungs after Shell's hearty endorsement :D

Shane, it's a pity the cover isn't as textured as it looks, one might be able to imagine running ones hand across its surface in a dream however :)

sweet dreams


lotusgreen said...


Friederike! said...

thank you for sharing this book title. Did you buy it and if so can you recommend it?
Thank you and many greetings from Cologne / Germany :)

Florence said...

Hi Sandra, so lovely of you to come by, please feel welcome here :D

To tell you the truth I didn't end up buying it, but then I have a very small budget and a very great love of books :-P I do know those who have bought it enjoy it. I'm currently lay-bying a book on the complete history of Surealism and a book of alchemist illustrations and until then I have to make do! lol


Friederike! said...

thanks for your answer, Florence. It´s the same for me. Small budget - big love for books ;)Oh alchemist illustrations, that sounds very intersting! Do you already have a special book in mind?

Florence said...

I can't remember the title as I excitedly scooped it up when I saw it and rushed it onto my lay-by, but when I do pick it up I'm sure I'll use an image or two from it here on Windbag :D I'll reference it and let you know what I think about it ;)