Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Coastal Birds Under Glass

Ever since Lilli&Tom miniature had their year long tour of the Brisbane City Council libraries in 2006, I've had a great relationship with Sue the Sandgate librarian. Earlier this year we talked about another little project and I mentioned the Coastal Birds series I designed based on the collaboration with Brisbane artist/illustrator Rachel Arthur. Sue thought they would be a nifty display for the library too and booked me in for a display in April.

I installed them on Tuesday morning at the hideous hour of 8:30am. Anyone who knows me understands that I currently get up at around 10am and go to bed around 2am - these blogs don't write themselves you know ;). Sue pointed out that April also coincides with the annual Easter Bluewater festival here in Sandgate that kicks off this Good Friday with the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, it brings in heaps of spectators to Sandgate and Shorncliffe to watch the starting line in Moreton Bay. So it seems that it will be a good theme for the season after all.

Some of my beloved regular readers might notice a new toy that I have yet to show's a sneak peak at a new Flying Star Toy called Flocka2s. They aren't technically coastal birds and don't belong to that series (which might be a bit misleading), but they are native to the area and neatly filled the space I'm calling the "sky" in this display. Stay tuned for more on Sandgate Flocka2s soon!

Coastal Birds Series of artist made designer toys can be seen at Sandgate BCCL from now until the end of April.

And wishing a Happy Easter/Chocolate Egg season to all :D


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yum yum yum yum yum yum

Florence said...

I love Chocolate too....I can only assume that's what you mean..?



jude said...

i guess this is a flock-of-flocka2s? great headdresses.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well but together, Florence, as all your presentations are.

Have a wonderful Easter.

jaihn said...

Lovely project, lovely work, lovely flyer. Such a great statement of intent.
I so enjoy seeing your Beauty-full work.
Thank you!

Friederike! said...

a wonderful easter for you too! I love your birdies, but I´ve said that before, right? ;)

helle said...

What a wonderful display. I'd go crazy over these if they were in my library!
I recognize the raucous rascals in a row.

Florence said...

Thankyou all for your Easter well wishes and kind words on my library display. sorry it took me so long to reply *red with embarrassment*

I hope your holiday season was lovely too.