Thursday, August 23, 2007

Moon on Ice

Music "Moon On Ice" by Yello, lyrics and vocals by Billy Mackenzie from the album "One Second" (1987). This video clip was made by wjwheeler.

I spent most of today watching YouTube looking at Yello videos and collecting videos of Voodoo for my other blog Design Dramaturge. I found an interesting video from National Geographic, a great photo documentation of a Voodoo ceremony in Brooklyn New York and also a short "tour" of Haitian art from what looks like an art gallery in Haiti. If your interested in taking a short tour yourself of Voodoo see my post A Short Video Tour of Voodoo.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think you had the lunar view down in Australia, Florence. You have such varying interests; Voodoo!

Florence said...

We had a great view of the full moon eclipse...funnily I didn't know about it when I posted this!

My interest in Voodoo is from the work I'm doing as dramaturge with Frank Theatre for their current work in progress called Voodoo Macbeth. It has been quite fascinating.