Friday, November 23, 2007

Crooked Roads...

"Improvement makes straight roads; but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of Genius." William Blake

Above is one of my most favourite quotes of Wiliam Blake, probably because I need reminding of it so often. Jacqui Carroll the director of OzFrank Theatre told me something yesterday that has been of great benefit and I have been pondering it ever since.

She said that there are no solutions just answers. I spend too much time trying to work things out and I don't trust myself enough to find the answer though the process of loving. I have been trying to "make improvements" but that road has offered little comfort. The crooked roads, like the one's I love here in Sandgate that meander over sand and roots, that are overgrown with grasses, broken by small fissures and weathered by too much sun and too much rain make the journey rich and poignant.

It seems to me that Science is the place for solutions and Straight Roads, but Art is the journey to answers and that journey is the Crooked Road I must have the courage to surrender to.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A quote that makes one smile with the thought that is in it.

jude said...

oh gosh florence, i would settle for the crooked roads, but lately for me, no road at all, i feel like i am sitting on a rock in the dark, straining to find even a path. but i will wait. exhausting isn't it?

elisa said...

You may be overwelmd with what's in front of you. But I would like to ask you to turn around for a short while and see what a great, joyfull trail you left behind you on this crooked road.
May you find treasures around every corner on your unique road.
And love spread all over it.