Monday, June 23, 2008

Nolan and Jung

A couple of the books I'm reading at the moment.

On Saturday I went to the Sidney Nolan: A New Retrospective exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. It is an amazingly comprehensive exhibition. I'll be going back quite a few times just to take it all in. I'm so very impressed with his whole career as an artist - he surely does deserve to be one of the great Australian 20th century artists. I highly recommend seeing this exhibition if you are able to. The good news is that it is free to the public! So no excuses!


Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to seeing it. I was so excited about Picasso I didnt think to see what else was on.

Florence Forrest said...

Hi Paula, yes the Picasso exhibit is receiving all the press. Do go to the Nolan exhibition you'll love it I'm sure! The QUT Art Museum is also showing a small Nolan Exhibition worth a look at too.