Monday, July 14, 2008

Speakin' Russian - Moloko+ Issue 6#

Moloko+, a Russian internet graphic design magazine, asked if I'd like Flying Star Toys to be featured in issue 6 - "Yes!" I said. I just received an email telling me that it is now available for download in both English and Russian versions. The image above is the section on Flying Star Toys. I must admit I should have done a lot more editing before I pressed the send button, so I'm really hoping you don't squint and try to read it in the photo ;-P

Having a little look through the magazine I particularly like the mixed media paintings of artist Fumiko Toda for their gorgeous, blending dreamlike scenes. I was also proud to be featured along side fellow soft toy artist Lizette Greco, her family make toys based on children's drawings. I also discovered a toy artist I didn't know about from Argentina, Juan Pablo Cambariere, he creates wooden marionette puppets in a minimal style that have heaps of personality. Worth the look!

(If you do download the free magazine I must warn you it's a whopping 30MB!)


Juan Pablo Cambariere said...

Hi Florence,

I´m really glad you like my puppets.
My webpage is pretty old, if you wnat to see new puppets please check:

Love you toys! They are sweetand great.

Juan Pablo

herzensart journal said...

Congratualtions, your work deserves it! Sandra

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Congrats on getting featured, Florence. Well done!