Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

"Why have you ceased to speak of the tree, of which he who eats its fruit shall never hunger?"

"Again, plant this tree on the stone, that it fear not the buffetings of the winds; that the birds of heaven may come and multiply on it branches, for thence cometh wisdom."

quotes from various alchemical treatises taken from Alchemical Studies, C. G.Jung page 314
Image: The Big Way, Hundertwasser, 1955.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Wow, that is eye-catching!

rashbre said...

earth water fire and air
met together in a garden fair
put in a basket bound with skin
if you answer this riddle
you'll never begin the old song goes.

off topic: not sure if you get this coverage in your part of the world. If you've not looked, follow the link through to the bobkat video.

I think you will like! Best, rashbre x

jude said...

wow, what an amazing image....and a perfect match with words....

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Captain :)

Rasbre, is the answer to the riddle it a human being?

As always Jude your comments are so very welcome!


Anonymous said...

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