Monday, January 15, 2007

1000 Cranes: Snow Walkers

Allow me to introduce you to some new friends of mine - Snow Walkers. Snow Walkers are cranes that like to walk in the snow. Doesn't it look like they're wearing little red caps? :)

1000 Cranes is the encompassing title for the crane variations I'll design. The Japanese have a legend that if you fold one thousand paper cranes one's wish of good health is granted, as the crane is a symbol of longevity and grace.

Snow Walkers are designed to hang on the wall. Birds of a feather enjoy flocking together.

But they also enjoy private walks. My Snow walker steps thoughtfully along, high up on the wall in my lounge room.

Snow Walker is a new Flying Star Toy. Handmade with the finest materials - cotton, linen, muslin, silk. You'll find them in a range of gentle colours and they are so soft to touch.

If you look carefully you'll notice the wings form a heart shape.

Snow Walkers have quiet personalities, thoughtful dispositions, and a curious but friendly mind.


Anonymous said...

beautiful , thanks for granting my wish. beautiful soft hearted creatures, and i was wondering how could they satnd up!. great solution. the simplicity is haunting.

Merlyn said...

wow they are lovely. elegant and full of grace.

you are awesome




Jean-Luc Picard said...

They are adorable, Florence; beautifully made with true quality.

Anonymous said...

Florence, they are FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

Fine, dignified creatures, Florence.
Vocation.......diplomacy? Theology?

Anonymous said...

As former member of the Royal Queensland Ornithological society, I must say, with authority, that this is a new species...

Florence Forrest said...

I love making toys - bringing a new creation into being that is unique, carefully considered and well crafted is very rewarding. When I think about the fact that I've become a toymaker out of the galaxy of things I could have chosen, I'm quite happy about it. The more I progress as an artist the more I see how valuble it is to specialise, to achieve freedom inside the narrow band. Perhaps it is a humbler thing to be a simple toymaker than some slick internation artist but I don't care, its honest.

It is very warming to hear your words of delight, thankyou very much each of you.


ps Helle, I think it maybe Theology this time.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

But if you were a slick Internation artist, then yoou would not have the time to enlighten those of us in the Hoi- Polloi. So I, for one am glad, but also hope yo make enough to have a fun lifestyle. :)

Your Crane are very cool.

Florence Forrest said...

AOC, I'm glad you like Snow Walker. making a living will be the challenge, all my economics training from university tells me I'm crazy but my heart keeps saying go for it! I'm wise enough to know it's useless to go against the heart, so I guess it will just have to be hard work and faith :)


mary jane said...

Beautiful Cranes. Best of Luck.

Shell said...

These snow walkers are beautiful. I don't know if you've seen it, but they remind me of the mystics from the film 'the Dark Crystal' - I think it's their peaceful expression - they look wise and compassionate or something. So lovely, really.

Ursula Achten said...

I hope my english is good enough...:
These birds have to look at somebody, their expression is like that, children have: pure, asking, straight to your heart.
I could never hang them onto any wall!!!!!
How very very beautiful!
(I love the last photo)

Florence Forrest said...

Mary Jane, thank-you for stopping by and your well wishes.

Shell, I have seen "The Dark Crystal", a very long time ago....While the memories are now too faint to make out particular characters I do remember that there was some amazing creatures in that film. I should get it out and watch it again.

Uschi, Thankyou for your lovely thoughts. Please feel welcome here. Of course Snow Walkers need not go on the wall, they are lovely to handle and be with, very huggable. But when resting they could have perch somewhere near by :)


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful.
I just surfed in, but will be back.

glennis said...

love your snow walkers....
as for the 1000 cranes, i folded and strung 1000 when I was in college. they were beautiful. i had them hanging in a corner ot the living room from the ceiling. as i recall, they were also to be burned come the new year. as far as good health, i certainly can't complain!

Mel Robson said...

Florence!!! They're so gorgeous! Such character in those faces! I thought of you today when i stumbled over 2 of your toys sprawled on my kitchen floor!! I'm not sure how they got there but they looked like they'd been up to sneaky mischief!

Wayne Joseph Kington said...

Florence, those cranes are great. They are graceful, wise and sorrowful. I don't know how you make bits of cloth so expressive.

Florence Forrest said...

Hollyeqq, thanks for stopping by, please feel welcome here :)

Glennis (or should I say Shibori Girl, wonderful to have you here. Having folden over 300 piece of origami of my own design I can appreciate the effort and detemination it takes to fold 1000 cranes. I always say that if you do manage to fold 1000 cranes by oneself that you desever a wish! :D

Mel, it seems you are just beginning to discover that Flying Star Toys have a mysterious life of their own...I wonder what they have been doing? ;D

Mr Accordian, congrats on being BoingBoinged for your "music from a cardboard box" project. I think it is that I make music with fabrics and mix in a secret ingredient - love :)


lotusgreen said...

this looks like someone with whom i could be good friends.

Florence Forrest said...

Lotusgreen, that sounds lovely :-)


Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

This is a great blog, your writing style is smooth and amazing, and as a promotional tool for your work; its amazing.

I will have to come by more often, I'm dissapointed that I have not.

Liana Kabel said...

They appear so gentle, graceful, dignified and just a little sad.


Florence Forrest said...

Hi Summer, thanks for dropping by and adding your lovely thoughts, please feel welcome here :)

Liana, I'm very glad they appeal!


Anonymous said...

Wow - these guys are SOOO great! Have just found your blog and am having a great time browsing. Im loving all these great Aussie blogs - power to us Aussie crafters!

Florence Forrest said...

Hi Melly, thanks for dropping by :) Please drop by anytime you are always welcome here.


Shannon Garson said...

Florence, you are so clever and poetic. I love the idea of the three beautiful cranes on the wall- so much more gentle and lovely than the frantically flying ducks. You are amazing.

Sandra Monat said...

I fell in love with your Snow Walkers the moment I saw them. Fantastic and beautiful art work!

Florence Forrest said...

Shannon and Friederike :D thanks for saying such lovely things. I'm sure it is keeping the Snow Walkers happy as they make their way through the colder days.


Anonymous said...

Oh Florence,
they are so..wonderful. Just absolutely wonderful. Please, please, please - I need a Snow Walker in my life; what can I do? Maybe one of these lovely creatures would like to migrate to Germany sometime soon? If so, what would the conditions be?
Smitten with Snow Walkers,

Florence Forrest said...

Thaks Viv, I'll contact you over at your blog and leave my address details. thanks for the enquiry :D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post!