Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby: personal legend #1

Mel Robson a fellow craft artist of Brisbane has tagged myself , Plastic Girl and Rebecca the Wrecker with the topic of revealing six things about oneself that haven't been blogged about before. Now, while I might be a Windbag I'm not the most forth coming in talking about myself personally. I suppose, being a storyteller by nature, when I want to speak about myself I'll tell it like a story, so it has to be told in a certain way. Not wanting to spoil the opportunity to tell six stories, I've chosen to tell you six expanded personal legends over the coming weeks instead. Personal legends are the stories about ourselves we cultivate over time, becoming polished and fixed the more they are told.

Baby: personal legend #1

My Cat Baby doesn't like anyone but me and my partner John. Come over and she will run away and hide until you are gone. My Dad for instance has serious doubts that we even have a cat and asks to be shown the mysterious Baby whenever he comes over - of course that isn't possible as she's hiding somewhere!

Baby was born at my house and has always been with me. I often say that I've known her since she was a can of Whiskers (cat food brand). Baby was one of four kittens and one of the biggest, but she was a little different from the rest. While her other brothers and sister would run and frolic around the house she would be doing something else - I guess she's a lot like me. This, however, got her into trouble as once she decide to climb up onto the video player under the TV table she slipped and got wedged between the video and the table leg. She could not have escaped by herself but luckily I found her and lifted her to safety...phew, that was lucky!

To Baby I'm her grandmother. One morning I was in a half doze when I heard Baby calling me as usual to get her her morning food (at about 4:30 am) I thought I heard her say "Ganny." It gave me quite a shock, so I woke up! When I thought about it, it seemed quite reasonable, because she had known me as her mother carer, therefore I was her grandmother in the chain. I was very touched that she had included me into her family relations.

I've taught Baby a few ways to communicate with me and I with her. Apart from having our own meowing sounds, I have a bell hanging down on the front door just for her, she rings it when she wants me to let her in. If I don't come straight away she rings it again, but Harder! I call myself The Cat Butler. Another thing is that Baby loves to eat my food. She'll stand next to my small table and watch every morsel as it travels to my mouth. If she thinks it should be hers she will even try to direct it to her with her paw on my hand. Having dinner can be a very fraught affair for me, so I developed a way to tell her when the meat was finished so she would leave me alone. I put my palms up in front of her and wiggle my fingers. She then knows that dinner is over, she turns and walks away to then make "I want to go out, Ganny" meow as she waits by the door. The Cat Butler is so well trained!

Baby has a very distinctive personality, we love her. She's our secret cat, even if you never met her, she's a big part of our lives.

Image 1: MajicCatsMini one of my Flying Star Toys

Image 2: Baby as a kitten. She now has golden eyes.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Ah ha! I knew my lurking would pay off on my Internet Identity Theft scheme! Now I know the name of your cat. With that little piece of info I will be able to make a perfect copy of you (on the internet) and then Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha (that is my evil laughter)

And these copies won’t be clones, because that would be creepy …. A clone making a clone.

Hi Florence. Hope all is well in Aussie land :)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

I am convinced that cats will one day rule the world.

Neil Gaimen wrote a comic ( part of the Sandman series) about what cats dream, it's a very touching story and ermains one of my favourites.

Sadly for us allergies mean no cats inthe house but there are lots of 'shrines' to the felines.

The Chinese believe cats are lucky ( there are several white ceramic cats in the house) and at least three Bast statues dotted about in unassuming places watching over the security of the place we inhabit.

I always had a deep connection with felines and even the "shyest" of cats will often come and sit on my lap.

Thankyou for sharing your kitty secret with us. The photo is adorable.


XXXXs and OOOs

jude said...

so are we going to see Baby as a grown up too?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

i've seen the grouwn up baby aka snufflophagus.
so can verify her existence.

Florence said...

Oh dear, I always knew AOC would turn out to be my worst mightmare!! ;)But is a clone making a clone creepy or just obvious. Like Data making his own daughter in ST:NG....oh, but she didn't end up working too well though..:(

but speaking of making clones, if you lurk a bit longer around here you'll soon see the cool "creepy" stuff I've been working on with Frank theatre!!!

Hi Merly, its so sad that you can't have a cat :( but little shrines are good to :)

Interesting cat story last night: after returning home from an evening with Frank Theatre I arrived home to find John waiting at the door. How did he know when I would be home? Well, Baby had run maddly into the house and then demanded to be let out the front door. Apparently, she knew that I'd be home that very minute!!

Jude, everytime I go to take a photo of her she wakes up and leaves. I have lots of blurry picts of her :( but when I do manage to get a good one I'll post it up in my flickr stream :D

Yes, Miss Wrecker can testify to the existance of Baby. When she stayed over one night Baby ventured out of hiding due to desparate hunger and a hopefulness that the stranger had left. When she realised that her turf was still violated I had to move her food to a "safe" location at the back of the house and stay nearby reassuringly while she ate her food and kitty milk - no wonder we call her Baby!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Baby wounds a delight, but not the sort who will jump out at intruders!

Florence said...

Captain, no but you'll see her flash by and alert you to someone approaching...She's more of an early warning system :)


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hi Florence... thought I would let you know..I've moved ( virtually speaking) you can find my recycled crows mark 2 blog

xxs and oos

ps I am sad I can't have cats either, but I guess its a fair trade since I have my husband. He's the allergic one!

Florence said...

I'll change the link in my sidebar, Merly :D

I thought that it was hubby that was the allergic one, but yes it is good to have him instead :)

xxxs and ooos

shango said...

Its easy to bait baby into the open for an alien visitation: just need some little thing to twiggle, or a snowalker to venture along the horizontal plane...

hohohoho temptation for a feline!!

Florence said...

Shango, she loves roast chicken and will on occasion be drawn out with the smell of it. As to the toys...I try not to animate them in front of her as she gets a bit upset. However, she does like to smell each little MajicCat once they are made. I like to think of it as her stamp of cat approval :)

Now if she could only catch the little mouse she brought in last week!


shango said...

a digresson from Baby:

flicking up and down your page, i saw the alphabet quilt again, and it made me think, about the 'quirk' you discussed, such as the phenomena of the 'Z' placement in the alphabet quilt composition in relation to islamic calligraphy; the theoosophical basis to its designs. In this case,

when the initial line, or 'Word' appears to have an origin beyond the space that forms and contains the main design, allowing the design to 'breathe'.

Instead of A the quilt designer chose Z, maybe the zig zag shape of Z can signify line in its purest sense? a little more calligaphic?

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence,

This is Kumi, met you at the barbeque party Tuesday night.

I was looking for you email address but couldn't find it, so I am attaching here the website I was talking about. She was working for Access Arts flag making workshop last July.

Florence said...

Shango, I can see you're thinking "outside the square" there ;) Thinking on the tangent, one might also say that the "Z" is a place spiritually different from the rest of the "alphabet" as it occures after the experience of time and is the conclusion of all that has transpired.

Kumi! so lovely of you to have remembered me and left me the link to the felt toy artist you mentioned. Thank you :D