Friday, July 20, 2007

The Muppet Cycle

I figure my life runs in cycles of at least these three moods.




you know what I mean... :)


jude said...

this is really what i needed today. a dose of brilliant muppetry and peek at your thoughts. thanks

rlbates said...

Thank you. I needed this today. And yes, I do know what you mean.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Describing your thoughts in muppet style is a good one, Florence.

Michele Zzah said...

hahahahahhaha can really relate to the second video hahahahahhaha it's funny, I've never thought about it before, but yes, these cycles ARE very familiar. :)

(btw found you by way of spiritcloth)

Lee said...

...even Santa Claus believes in you...

I had never thought of my moods as muppety, I just used Muppets to allieviate them.

kimy said...

exactly!! great selection...on a similar vein, I've often felt that each of us has a muppet character (or perhaps 2) who mirrors our basic character. for some unknown reason I'm drawn most often to grover....and sometimes to kermit (or course kermit and I share a birthyear!) if you were to choose a 'guiding muppet' who would that be??

Florence said...

Thanks go to Jude for mentioning this post on her blog :) and a big hello and welcome to those of you visiting via Spirit Cloth.

I'm glad you've all found some delight in the Muppet clips I've choosen, it was very therapeutic for me to watch them too.

To answer Kimy's question: Those of you who've been long time readers will know about me and Grover. see
I know I can't live without him...or perhaps it is that I have chosen not to...:)


kimy said...

explains the connection! grover is the greatest can't live without him either! unfortunately when I copied the link and plugged in the info on your super grover post, I got a message that said page not found...drat! anyone else have the problem?

Florence said...

Kimy, Grover is in Super Grover!!

To find the link try going to the top of my sidebar into the section that says "What's in Windbag and Thunder?" then choose "Toys and Dolls", then "More about Toys" and you'll see a hotlink to the Super Grover post :)

I hope that helps.


kimy said... worked! totally enjoyed the super grover piece which as of now was written exactly one year ago from when I read I hear some type of twilight zone music! I am a bit older than you and the muppets didn't enter my life until I was all 'grown up' (well grown up in terms of chronology, I have been accused of having a peter pan complex!) anyhow grover is great. enjoyed the pieces. xxxmoi

shango said...

1.Kermit seems Hamlet like...burn a candle to deter the winter blues i say.

2.The middle one....i think the limit would be close to when the cylindrical character starts bobbing along the vertical axis coupled with the horizontal more..

3.This recalls mono-sodium-glutamate (621) for me.And a neurological scientist, speculating on neurology art, and aestheitcs:

Mel Robson said...

aaaaww I love the muppets! I just bought my little niece the 1st series on dvd. I couldn't bear the thought of her growing up without the muppets and songs like manamana! great clips!

Shephard said...

visiting you from Michele's...

Loved seeing these. The Muppet Show Season 2 just hit DVD, and I'm surprised at how well they hold up.

Also wanted to say I love some of your creations. Very colorful and textural.

~S :)

Florence said...

Hi Shephard, thanks for visiting please feel welcome here :)

The mupets do hold up very well, I agree, stillas funny as they were then.

thank-you so much for your kind comments about my work.


Anonymous said...