Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aqua Vitae - Exhibition KickArts Cairns

The Umbrella Collective was pleased to be invited to do an exhibition wall at KickArts Contemporary Art Gallery in Cairns, Australia. The exhibition is called Aqua Vitae - The Water of Life. The Umbrella Collective members participating are Kylie Johnson (Paper Boat Press), Liana Kabel (Art, Design, Jewellery), Shannon Garson (Porcelain), Rebecca Ward (Jewellery) and myself.

Aqua Vitae is showing from 5th August until the 30th August 2008.

About Aqua Vitae: Aqua Vitae is Latin for the Water of Life. In the language of medieval alchemists it conveys the sense of a living being of substance as a directly contrast to the rigid immateriality of mind in the abstract. The vital water was the junction of spirit, soul and body and is an apt expression for how makers feel about their process, product and art as they mould, shape and cut their creations into being.

Water is one of most ubiquitous symbols present within the psyche of man - it is a powerful solvent, it brings opposites into unity, it represents the unconscious itself and is the fountain of all life. Here the water symbol unites the work of the five craft artist of the Umbrella Collective.

My 100 Water Houses, Ishmael's Whales and Rain Berries are included in this exhibition.


jude said...

i love the way you have woven the water story into this post.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A super exhibition, Florence.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

that looks fabulous Florence, Congratulations to you all. It's always great to be able to take part in an exhibition.


Jedda said...

Hi just across from the made-it site, love the exhibition and the mushrooms and the bunnies... actually it's all great!

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Merly :-D

Jedda, thanks for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment please feel welcome here :)