Thursday, August 07, 2008

Introducing Night-Night Mushrooms

Sleep time wouldn't be the same without a story. Luckily Night-Night Mushrooms know many magical tales for sleepy heads to dream about.

When I think about bed-time stories I can't help thinking of the magic mushrooms with the red and white tops. The image of these mushrooms takes me immediately to the world of fairy tales and legends - what a wonderful place is the imagination! Fairy tales and myth take us on a journey inside the human psyche and these stories can often be of help in later life. As an artist, I can tell you a little imagination goes along way. Night-Night Mushrooms are a tribute to story time and the land of dreams.

There are 6 different mushrooms (four released at this stage). They are made of wool blend felt and a wonderful, rare random spotted fabric for the top. The face is hand stitched in sashiko cotton thread. Night-Night Mushrooms are weighted to stand independently.

Dimensions: Night-Night Mushrooms range in size from 14cm (5 1/2 inches) to 18cm (7 inches) tall.

For more images of see the Night-Night Mushrooms gallery page.


jude said...

you are the queen of simplicity.

Anonymous said...

lovely - these are so sweet.

Ragtree said...

Adorable! What a great idea and perfect execution!

Renee :)

elisa said...

I fell in love with your night-night mushrooms, they hold the magic of dreams. I love your work!

Miss Frugality said...

I'm always struck by how much care you put into each design and this one is no exception-wonderful!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

So delightful

Suse /RevoluzZza said...

Yay!!! They are SO adorable!!!

(I added you to my blog roll - I really love your work!)

Florence Forrest said...

Thank you to everyone who has commented. Each of you have left me a little gift - little treasure. Thank you so much.


PS thanks Suse for the link. I'll drop by and say hi :)

nicole said...

These are just gorgeous. Awesome work.