Friday, November 07, 2008

Plush You! (2) at Double Punch Gallery

This month Flying Star Toys will be on show at Plush You! This year the Plush You! exhibition of plush toy artist at Schmancy in Seattle is having a sister show in San Francisco at Double Punch Gallery.

A new version of a Flying Star Toys original Novas Infinite called Novas Infinite Neon are representing Flying Star Toys for this exhibition. Novas Infinite Neon will be officially launched next year. These two Novas Infinite Neon are called Silver Arrow and Blue Lightning.

Plush You! (2) will be opening on Friday November 7th at Double Punch - 1821 Powell St, San Francisco, CA, USA.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

They look really cute!

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Captain :)


rashbre said...

Almost tempted, but I still love sweet sixteen.

Florence Forrest said...

Glad you like them Rashbre :) It is true there wont be another lot of Novas Infinites quite like the orginals. I hope your sweet 16 is having many a electro-filled fun times with you :-D