Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here to Help - Novas Infinite

The Legend of Novas Infinite.

One crazy year in the 1990s, when the fabric between the universes thinned, curious beings that feed on electromagnetic radiation began to slip into our world just to help. They are called Novas Infinite! (Beings of Infinite Light).

NOVAS INFINITE require a constant stream of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to survive. They have three antennae used for collecting EMR, two on top of the head and a forward beak. They are particularly useful for concentrating radiation when moving about, away from powerful sources like televisions and computer screens. EMR is absorbed through the beak.

Only one NOVAS INFINITE appear at a time. As they pass into our world a number appears on their body, it is the order in which they appeared. Please give them a human name, as they want to fit in.

NOVAS INFINITE communicate with each other by flashing series of lights from both their antennae and their eyes. But they will quickly develop a way of communicating with you too.

No two NOVAS INFINITE are alike and each has a distinctive personality, though they do have a tendency to be a little shy. In this day and age no modern home should be without one of these helpful beings in residence - they absorb the nasty radiation you don’t want and make great companions through the lonely hours of working online. They are NOVAS INFINITE!

These are the Limited Edition Collection (30): each comes with its own art book, signed and numbered and a travel pouch with its number embroidered on the front. This collection was stuffed with a combination of calico and wool for an antique, solid feel. I wanted them to be like an old fashioned toy that you could have found in an old trunk, however they would be relevant to today's, spooky ;) There are only 4 of the Limited Edition series left. They were sold at the Queensland Art Gallery shop and Craft Queensland in 2005/6.

I'll be redesigning Novas Infinite slightly and releasing them in an unlimited edition form at a later date.

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Merlyn Gabriel said...

I love these guys! They are so fabulous! They would be fitting right in here in our computer infested home, let me tell you!

I once made a fetish doll, based off Oceanic art, for my computer, he was pretty creepy but like the spiked / nail fetish dolls he did the job and protected my computers... He was made from clay and computer bits.

I love your novas!

xxs and oox

helle said...

What a great concept and you write and sew so beautifully, Florence.
.......I bet the guys Bosa Nova when the Humans turn their back.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

great photos of novas - though I am concerned about a population explosion if they start hanging around the high voltage powerlines!

jude said...

i am intrigued with your toys and stories as always especially here as an evolution of the amulet, maybe some tiny ones to hang around one's neck are in order? :-D

Florence said...

Merly, thanks Merly :D yes, I thinks they would be very well feed at your house. Your doll sounds very interesting!

Helle, hahaha the Bosa Nova, I think they would too ;)

Miss Wrecker, what kind of "explosion" do you mean! lol

Jude, tiny ones for around the neck...hmm what an interesting idea. A sort ipod version :D

xxxs and ooos

Jean-Luc Picard said...

These are so wonderful, Florence. There is a great story behind them, and would look good anywhere.

rashbre said...

If nr 11 is still available, there would be a great home here in rashbre central.

We have lots of EMF.

Please advise.
rashbre at mac dot com

Florence said...

Thnaks, Captian :D

Rashbre, number 11 is already cleaning the electro-magnetic environment of one lucky household. However, 16 and 14 are available (and 24 and 25 but they have not popped through the inter-universal vortex yet). I'll email you soon.


rashbre said...

sweet 16 sounds just perfect.

jaihn said...

Thank you for making me giggle. Such lovely work!
I found you via whipup and I look forward to exploring here again soon.

Florence said...

Rashbre, I'll take a picture of 16 and send you the details :)

Jaihn, thankyou for dropping by, please feel welcome here :D