Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Secret Blue Lagoon - inspiration

More inspiration for the Sail Away: Holiday on the Island of Flowers and Fruit series.  Dear friend and artist Nadine Sawyer recently spent some time with her mother and aunt in Vanuatu.  She brought back not only some wonderful new paintings inspired by her time on the island but also a wonderful story about a secret blue lagoon.  The hereditary caretaker of the lagoon tells how the magical blue arises from the mixing of sea water from a tiny inlet from the sea and the bubbling up of a natural fresh water spring from underground.   She recounted her experience of swimming there among the tropical fish while nervously wondering about what might be below her in the mysterious blue depths!

You can see the blue lagoon and one of Nadine's stunning painting from her time in Vanuatu above.

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jude said...

fabulous painting.