Friday, March 27, 2009

Molehill Mouse knows where your treasure is

There's a little mouse who's taken us residence in my kitchen, a wee thing, so tiny.  I know I'll never catch cat will have to finish the job she started. But until then I'm willing to share my house with the little thief :)

Molehill Mouse and his companion Piccabu Elephant are related to Ganesha (Ganapati) and his mount, Musaka (mouse). What a wonderful mystery is held within these two!

Little Musaka is "the master of the inside of everything. The all-pervading Atman is the mouse that lives in the hole called the intellect, within the heart of every being. It is the real enjoyer of the pleasures of all creatures." (The Myths and Gods of India, A. Danielou, Inner Traditions International, 1964) Ask yourself, "Where is my true treasure?" Little Musaka will know and I'm sure he will share his secret with you and his little cousin Molehill Mouse too.

Molehile Mouse's story says that Molehill Mouse tells Piccabu Elephant stories of all the secret passages that lead to surprising new territories and stores of sweet food - there is nowhere that Molehill Mouse can't go.


Raul e Joel Carvalho said...

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Anna said...

Hello fellow hermit!

So nice to meet you on Thursday. I LOVE your little friends, We're thinking about having some little ones of our own and I've been keeping an eye out for 'real' childrens toys. Everything is so plastic nowadays.

Love Anna.

urban craft said...

What a great treasure. SO much cute stuff here.

Florence Forrest said...

Hi Anna, yes, lovely to meet you. It was a great evening! I hope you had a great Easter and I hope we'll see each other again soon. Thanks so much for writing such a lovely comment about my toys :-D

Hi Urban Craft. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Please feel welcome here! :0)