Monday, April 06, 2009

Biscuit Bunny greeting cards in time for Easter

Just in time for Easter is a new set of Biscuit Bunny Flying Star Toys greeting cards. This set has three unique designs: Big Group of Biscuit Bunnies, Biscuit Bunny on Chair and Biscuit Bunny in Bowl. There is a set of six available that has two of each design and they are available individually.

Biscuit Bunny greeting cards are now available on the Flying Star Toys on Etsy shop ($USD) and on the Flying Star Toys on Big Cartel shop ($AUD).

Don't forget if you would like to order more than one of eighter the set or the singles contact me directly for a special shipping price :)

To all I hope you and your loved ones have a very happy Easter!!


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Oh Florence, these look lovely!!!!
Hope all is going well with you, spring is here now and I spend most of my time in the garden, it's a healing space to be in. and this past week the sun has showered us with warmth ( a gift up here in North Germany)

Wishing you and yours also a very hoppy Easter :P


Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Merly!! :-D Happy Easter to you and your loved ones as well. The warmth of the sun, its bright and giving rays can mean so much after a dark and cold winter. I'm glad to live in sub-tropical Brisbane and never have to suffer such deep winters. I'm glad your garden brings you comfort. I'm looking forward to speading a few eater days with my family. It's my sister's and mum's birthday and so this year it's birthdays and Easter at the same time :) I have a special surpise for my sis as it is also just before her first baby is due. A special time.

with love as always,

Kara said...

Hi there Florence,

I have set you a challenge - to come up with the 7 things you love most!


Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

These are perfect Florence! Great photography. Hope they sold really well for you.

farrah said...

Love your work Florence - I think you'd love these too!