Saturday, October 14, 2006

Buy Bye


As you may have heard Google has just bought YouTube for over $2 Billion. Though not a video blogger, I've been YouTubing for about 3 months. I've had heaps of fun finding natty little videos to share with you all. So here's a little homage to YouTube I found posted by user chris166. Its well worth the watch. (approx. 10 mins) I wonder how things will change as Google takes over?

(For mature audiences only some content may offend)


queen of light and joy said...

That was completly beautiful. I cried, laughed and then I remembered the kitten and felt better. It's funny because as I was watching that video I recognized a bunch of people and thought how much Youtube has really set a new model for the internet. And then I thought about that guy with the knife and cried again. What if he really did it? And what if he did it ON Youtube? And then I thought about the old man with his headphones. Youtube is really bringing people together, even if we don't actually realize how much that is. Thanks for sharing.

rashbre said...

Great post. I've referenced it over on rashbre central...Along with Pimmie's Parrots!

W J Kington said...

I'm not much of a YouTube observer myself, but that was great. What an incredibly poignant crossection. Perhaps I will have to tune in.

Mr Accordian

Anonymous said...

wow.... we are a small world...we should be so much kinder to each other.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Quiye a cross section there.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I thought that it was cool when I found YouTube, like I discovered the next cool place on the Internet. Now everyone knows about it. Of course, I learned about it from people on blogger, but still.

Now it's blocked for me at work as of today, interesting, huh?

Florence said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, especially Queen of L&J's.

Having a voice is important. To be allowed too tell one's story is empowering. YouTube has offered a portal for expression and discovery. Let hope that this remains even if changes are inevitable.


tiel s-k said...

hi, I found this strangely depressing to look at! Maybe it was the music that added to that feeling. But I still was intrigued. I find it so amazing that most of us are intrigued about watching others do everyday things. I don't watch youtube, but it is so easy to click that triangle when you stumble across something like this.

Florence said...

thanks for stopping by Tiel, please feel welcome here :)

I don't watch youtube's video blogs and such (like the one's in this video), but there is a lot of other great stuff on there; for instance, there are storytellers who have uploaded their work. YouTube is like anything in the world of Web 2.0 - trash and treasure... I usually find that the treasure is often worth the effort ;)