Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Furry Friends Exhibition

Furry Friends - an Ode to Furry Creatures Worldwide

1st November - 25th November 2006 Opening 6pm - 8pm Wednesday 1st Nov. Canvas Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. Studio 47, 61-89 Buckingham Street.

I've have had the pleasure of collaborating on a new range for Flying Star Toys with fellow Brisbane artist/illustrator Rachel Arthur; called Coastal Birds. Based on illustrations by Rachel, I'm transforming seven Australian coastal birds
into art toys. Three of which will be appearing in the up coming exhibition at Canvas Gallery, Surry Hills.

Both Rachel and I, take a keen interest in folk art and textiles, which coupled with a desire to develop a local iconography. Her delightful illustrations have blended perfectly with the Flying Star Toy ethic and I'm thrilled to be able to present to the public this new range..... back to making them!!


Anonymous said...

Florence, you do the coolest things!

xxs and oos

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck with it, Florence; it sounds a great venture.

lotusgreen said...

that sounds like so much fun!

jude said...

i saw your new birds on flckr. and rachel's work is wonderful! tks for the link.

Florence said...

Thanks everyone :)

Lovely to see you here Jude!

I'll be posting the pictures of the new toys here shortly. All done and just in the nick of time too!