Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What Artist's Say - Tadeusz Kantor

"..that freedom in art must constantly be won, that the concept of freedom does not exist without something that limits it. And that every boundary which is achieved becomes in turn a limitation. That form is imprisionment, that only the attitude remains, and it too is constantly evolving."

Tadeusz Kantor interviewed by Wieslaw Borowski (Warszawa, 1982) pg 40


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Wise words, Florence; technically, there are no boundaries in art.

queen of light and joy said...

I love that you posted this, I think it's important to highlight artists that many people many not know about and their theroies. Hopfully people will google this guy and realize the context in which Tadeusz was speaking. (is it just me or are artists becoming an extinct creature?)I think what he is saying is true and I was just thinking about this the other day while I was speaking with a gallery owner (who attened my last art show) who wants to put some of my stuff in his space. I try everyday to over come the limitations of what I am doing and of me but as the work evolves so does my attitude. I was crying yesterday as I had this amazing AH HA moment. How could I have been so closed minded to the ACTUAL possiblities? My power is limitless.

shango said...

when i read this, i thought of TAOist philosophy immediately. i.e Zhuang Zhi
How long will it take for oriental philosophies to be recognised in the West properly?

Florence said...

Captain, so true and yet limits are constantly set upon us. Convention does play some part in the game of it, just which part is important to realise.

Queen of L&J, Kantor is amazing and I have Jacqui Carrol and John Nobbs of OzFrank Theatre Laboratories to thank for the introduction to him and his work.

I have the same experiences myself as an artist, of pushing though the boundries of self limitation.

My best of thoughts for you my fellow traveller.

Shango, as you say - how long indeed!