Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Katkin Rattles - Coquettish Cats

Finally, I'm able to launch a new toy I've been so very excited about - Katkin Rattles! The Katkin Rattle designer toy collectible is among the Flying Star Toys Signature range belonging in the company of Snow Walkers for its distinctive character design.

Katkin Rattles are like the rattles that distract and amuse children, now there is a rattle to amuse you too :) If you're in need of a little giggle of pure fun then wave your Katkin Rattle, watch its funny little face smile while the tinkling bell sweetens the air with joy. Delightful!

If that weren't enough, each Katkin Rattle has a tiny red pompom on its tail as a cute coquettish wink. So many beautiful fabrics and combinations to choose from, so many different little personalities....

These little kitties won't mind if you'll want to collect them for display like spring posies - Katkins, named after the catkins of budding branches, love to bloom together.

Made from premium designer fabrics, hand dyed wool felt and embroidered with Japanese variegated sashiko thread. 26cm (10 1/4 inches) tall.

Katkin Rattles are now available at Flying Star Toys on Etsy.


jude said...

how did you sew those skinny little things? they remind me of some tribal ceremonial sticks. i was looking on flickr and thought those were little pompoms, thanks for the confirmation.
very unique, love them.

:: melissa :: said...

how wonderful and how very clever you are...

Florence said...

Thanks Jude, I've learned a few tricks along the way ;) ...ceremonial sticks?...I was thinking of calling them wands for a little while.

Melissa, thanks for your comment and dropping by my Blog please feel welcome here :)


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

these are gorgeous flo. wich i'd had one on the weekend for little Pearl!!

Florence said...

Ah, Yes that might have done the trick :)


helle said...

Such sweet faces Florence. I love your ideas and execution.

I bet you have very interesting furniture in your house.

Florence said...

Thanks Helle :D

lol!I picked up a funny old shelf for my studio today, $2 from Vinnies!