Thursday, October 11, 2007

Animated Art - Katy Horan

Recently, artist Katy Horan wrote to me telling me about a recent project. She writes,

"I just wanted to share a few developments with you guys.

First of all, a video I worked on earlier this year is now out! It's for a song called "Pied Piper" by a musician named Yoriyos ( I did all the illustrations and some very talented animators turned it into this video: .

I need to credit Ron Winter (, who directed it and did an amazing job!
I hope you all like it!"

I did like it, both the song and the animated video clip. I thought you'd like it too.

*Image above is "Owl #2" by katy Horan. (lucky me I own this one :)


jaihn said...

Thank you.

jude said...

lucky you indeed. i love Katy's work. i am having trouble viewing the video form work, i will try later... as always you bring good experiences to us all.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

She has quite a talent. Thanks for showing this, Florence.

Florence said...

Your welcome friends :)


jenny said...

thanks for sharing the video! i love it--

elaine said...

ron did an awesome job :) i wish he could do more of this type of work.

Fe said...

everything is awesome:} congratulations!