Monday, October 01, 2007

Ishmael's Whale and Website Launch

Flying Star Toys welcomes Ishmael's Whale to its toy collections. To celebrate the launch of we have a signature toy, Ishmael's Whale, to presage its journey into the big wide world. I can think of no better creature than the portentous, warm blooded mammal of the deep that surfaces to take the air and view the sky. Like the workings of the creative life, it swims deep and unseen to surface like a wonder and a mystery.

You can now read the background to each toy series on the Story Page connected to each toy in the Collections pages. The Ishmael's Whale toy series has been dedicated to Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby Dick." Ishmael being the lone survivor of that fateful voyage of the Pequod, captained by the doomed Ahab on his vengeful quest for the white whale. You can read more about it on the Ishmael's Whale Story Page.

I have also named the three variations of Ishmael's Whale fabrics after the novel. The above style is called Nantucket Blue. Nantucket being the whaling centre where the Pequod sets forth. The other two are Indian Calico (the fabric is an Indian cotton) and New Bedford Stripe. You could read the book, if you haven't already, and see where I get my references from :) I think I'll re-read it again myself as it is one of my favourite novels - its gorgeous prose just rolls off the tongue.

Also, I would like to thank all my friends (both in the virtual world and in the flesh) who have been so supportive while I completed the mammoth task of constructing I fondly hope you will continue to read along and make the journey with me.



jude said...

florence, it all looks so wonderful. you have done a beautiful job, love the whales, the stories and the "waterline" part of their design. i am at work so i will subscribe to your newsletter later from my home email... good luck on your new adventure!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Florence, my friend, you have a fine whale collection. The naming is perfect. 'Moby Dick' inspired!

rashbre said...

Congrats on the website and its a 'whale' pleasure to pass on the 'nice matters' meme from rashbre central to you!


Florence said...

Thanks Jude :) I'm sending out an email today to everyone on my list asking if they would like to join the Friends of Flying Star Toys newsletter. There will be a competition each month to win a toy. This month's prize is a new Pimmie called Blueflyer.

Thanks Captain, I thought you'd like the Moby Dick references :)

Thanks Rashbre...I'll come by and check out what you've in store for me with this new meme!

If anyone is having trouble leaving a comment email me via my contact page. Let me know what browser you are using. I use both Firefox and IE (but recommend Firefox, its free and its good :)
It'll take a little while until I can sort out any problems with the new know how these tech things are :) Thank you all for your patience in the mean time.

as always xx

Cathy said...

The shape of these beauties works so well - superb whales. I particularly like the ticking stripes, how these stripes contrast with the shape. Your work has such flow....:) I must join your mailing list (will do that)

Florence said...

Thanks Cathy. I really appreciate your comments. and please do join the mailing list and I'll enter you in this month's Friends of Flying Star Toys competition :)


Anonymous said...

whimsically of all on your whale of an adventure with ishmael's toys!