Friday, October 19, 2007

New Painting Acquisition - Bird on a Rock

Yesterday, I installed the long anticipated painting "Bird on a Rock" by Tiel. I wrote to Tiel after having spotted a corner of this painting in her Flickr photos. Something in me said I had to have it.....and she hadn't even finished it yet. So I've been lay-buying for the last few months.

Luckly, Tiel is a fellow Brisbanite and so yesterday I drove over to collect it. I've only just got my licence, so any drive is a big adventure, but it seems I drove about 60 km yesterday!

It was great to finally meet Tiel and see her lovely studio where all the magic happens :)

I told Tiel that her beautiful painting was going to a good home so I thought I'd share a picture of it with you in its new place of honour.


jude said...

oh, what a perfect spot, i love her work also, the painting is magical...glad you are enjoying driving, chances for more adventures (and stories) for you.

Miss Frugality said...

This was an instant favourite when I originally saw it on Flickr...Glad to know it's gone to a good home!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well placed; it is so colourful.

tiel said...

hey there Florence. It looks lovely. So nice to see it in its new home.

sorry about the mayhem the other day when you came around. Such madness. I was also feeling a little light headed due to my visit to the dentist. Apologies. Enjoy the artwork.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

beautiful painting and room.

shannon said...

how peaceful-the perfect room for dreaming your dreams beautiful Florence. Thanks for showing us

Florence said...

Teil was the perfect hostess, I have know idea what see means :)

It's a tree to dream under indeed.

xx as always