Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When a Biscuit Bunny Finds a Home..

Jesika Hanford, a jeweller friend of mine, recently bought a Blue Meringue Biscuit Bunny from me. She sent me some images of her bunny settling into life in her studio and making friends with her gorgeous cat Esmerelda (Ezi for short). I thought they were so cute I had to share them :)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Delightful pictures; both look good.

Chalk and Cheese said...

Adorable-The cat has probably never been happier with it's new plush friend!

Florence said...

Thanks Captain :)

and yes Chalk and Cheese, Ezi does look qite at easy with her new friend. Lovely to have you stop by, do please feel welcome here :-D


Shell said...

Awww, what sweet photos. Bunny and puss look so cute together. :)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

awesome Florence!!!

hope your new year is starting off well!!!

huge hugs
from the swiss side.

Gillian said...

Hey! It's so cool when the world turns into a small, neighbourly place. I just checked out Etsy and immediately recognised one of your toys (Chic-Chic) featured on the front page in the hand-picked items section - all orange and grey items.

Ahhh... Etsy seems like such a friendly face when I can recognise a Brisbanite on the front page.

Florence said...

Thanks Shell :)

Merly, lovely as always to hear from you. I must pop by soon!! and see what you've been up to!!

xx oo

Gillian, that is so thoughtful of you to drop me a line and let me know about the Etsy front page. They turn over so quickly sometimes. I also love to see my fellow brisvagians on the front page of Esty and other great Aussie artists that I know too. Thanks again Gillian :-D