Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7 things I love (because Kara Smith asked me)

I haven't done a blog meme for a while....blogging hasn't been coming to me very easily for a while. A blog friend recently said that I didn't reveal anything personal about myself. Often what I think is personal must in the end sound very abstract and also it's because I'm usually so involved within my interior meditations that often it's difficult to know what to say. That sounds a bit like a paradox but it isn't I can assure you. It happens to me all the time, at functions, blogging, emails, family occasions, parties....

Anyway, the other day I was aware that aside from the clashing rocks of the collective conscious and the collective unconscious there was a slim vessel of my own that seemed to like a few things all of its own......now what were they?

On Good Friday I walked up to Shorncliffe to watch the boats begin the Brisbane to Gladstone race. I thought I would list seven things that I liked that special day.

1. Walking up the pier, softly and quitely. looking back out over the clouds and mountains behind me. Passing the crowd with my own breath, for a short time free from the interior turmoil of the minds surrounding me. Trailing my fingers along the edge of the orange plastic netting marking off one side of the pier. Feeling a golden warmth spread through my interior nature and a smile the Creator alone understood.

2. Silence. The surge of the sea. Movement, primal - the Begetting. Surges now upon the rocks of earth. Music. Light. The mandolin sounds sweet and ancient, echoing across the water...I have closed my eyes.

3. Walking across the sand and grass, sitting down in the shade of a tree. I am, you are, a jug and the water is everywhere, in everything, in everyone. The Doer is Doing. A child asks, "Are you a ghost?" I'm shocked.

4. Looking at people...curious, people are much stranger than I imagined.

5. Walking home. Looking and sensing each little world, each little house...water scents of knowing, of loving. Usually I would feel too shy to peer over my blanket even with these rose bud eyes. Delicate care.

6. communion, community, freedom, my own path included into the story of man. Daring to shed what was after all only a mirage.......

7. Home - an afternoon with my husband. Peace.

I hope you liked my little story Kara :)

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