Friday, April 17, 2009

Present for Sis - The Seamstress

It was my sister's birthday over the Easter weekend and I was so excited to be able to give her this framed drawing by Cathy Cullis called The Seamstress. The framing came out beautifully and Emma assures me it will be given an honoured place in the formal dinning area.

Emma is about to have her first baby, the first in our family. So it was a doubly special occassion. Emma, like myself, grew up sewing. Her specialities were drawn cut work and bobbin lace. She's a IT manager now and doesn't get to spend time on making as much as she would like so I wanted this painting to be like a family ancestor reminding her of her connection to the cloth and the thread.

On the artist: Cathy is multi-talented, she paints, draws, machine embroiders and makes wonderful fabric jewellery and art dolls too! Her blog/website is called November Moon and she has two shops on Etsy.


Bec said...

What a wonderful present to give your sister. I love its story :)

jude said...

cathy is a fav of mine. her work makes a fabulous gift.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Such a delightful present to give, Florence.

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Bec, Jude and Jeun-luc! Cathy's work is very special and it has been a pleasure to watch her work develop over time. I highly recommend having a look.