Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flying Star Toys in iMart Design Book

I was a bit of a star this week at the local post office.

When they gave me a package from my post box, recognising the cover, I opened it to showed them the book inside - a double page about Flying Star Toys in a Chinese design book! What a surprise to see their faces light up in admiration. Most of the exhibitions and publicity involving Flying Star Toys happens so remotely I don't think much about it. So it was nice to feel the excitement of the lovely ladies at Sandgate post office. To me, they're a part of it too, because they take care of my parcels at the beginning of their journey out into the world.

The book, put out by Affalog is almost entirely in Chinese so I couldn't read it. However, I liked the traditional stitched binding and enjoyed looking at the work of fellow toy and craft artists in this beautifully finished publication. It seems the craft design bug has really caught on in China too! With iMART being a big (going by the pictures in the book) craft design event and association in China.

What a treat to be a part of it!


PG said...

That is one stylish, smart catalogue and your gorgeous work fits in there perfectly - well done!

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks PG :) and might I say, your needle felt toys are looking wonderful!! :-D


Thea said...

That's great news. I just blogged about my adorable Biscuit Bunny.

Bec said...

Congratulations!!! And how lovely that the ladies at the post office were so happy for you. Little things like that are so special :)

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Thea :)

Thanks Bec, little things are the best :0)