Monday, May 04, 2009

Friends at the Bisbane Craft and Stitches Show

Yesterday Mum and I went to the Brisbane Craft and Stitches show which us gals in the family usually do together but with little sister due with her first baby in only two weeks she was staying off her feet :) This year the Living Creatively people have taken on the show and have injected a little modern craft style into the event. The incubator section was particularly good with lots of great stands featuring up and coming craft designers. Among them were a few friends and a new friend.

In the above picture you can see a slice of Ellie's stand of Red Seed Studio wares. Screen printed and sewn by hand, Ellie working together with her husband Sam, use only natural, organic, and reclaimed fabrics to create modern textiles, homewares, clothing and accessories.

Below is a picture of the delightful stand of new friend Christina of Old Yarns - reclaimed linens. You can read more about these beautiful vintage textiles on her blog The Bowerbird Stories. Christina has an obvious love of the fine hand and classic appeal of her collection of wonderful reclaimed vintage pieces.

Two friends at the show I unfortunately didn't get to chat to was Kelly of Peppermint magazine, who was busy selling subscriptions for her delightful girly, crafty and green magazine - sorry to have missed you! And also Thea of Thea and Sami - who had a gorgeous stand as well. I particularly like their screen printed fabric made into dresses. Thea was giving classes at the time - I hope she had a great show too.


Thea said...

Oh, I'm sorry I missed you. I asked Voyt today and then he remembered to tell me that you had passed by. The show was really good for me with lots of local support!

oldyarns. said...

It was lovely to meet you & your Mum; after you left my sisters oohed & aahed at your lovely card, the whales & your Flying Star message. Thank you for the lovely mention, your work is just beautiful.

Florence Forrest said...

Thea, so glad to hear you had a good show! Naughty Voyt for not remembering ;)

Christina, your welcome! We loved meeting you :-D