Friday, May 15, 2009

Miniature Collection - three painting by Caroline Gaedechens

Patience...the Buddha said, "the reward for patience is patience"....and these gorgeous little paintings have been waiting for their frames very patiently indeed. After much sewing and selling of toys I had saved enough to take them to Peter, my framer, for the deluxe treatment.

These little miniature painting by Caroline Gaedechens are little jewels and like all jewels they should be lovingly protected in a special jewel box. That was the image I had in mind for framing these treasures. I'm not shy when it comes to the rich colours of black and gold and was more than happy to be extravagant when it came to incorporating them into the framing. While the photos above can't do them justice, Peter mentioned how every now and then a framer feels great reluctance to hand back the artwork...such it was on this occasion he confessed. I can't say I blame him either. I'm thrilled to sneak little glimpses into their world as I pass them through out the day.

Caroline has titled them: Little Soul, Princess and Little Bird of Paradise (from left to right). Little Bird of Paradise as a print is now available in her Etsy shop - I highly recommend her work to you.

(click on the images above for a closer look)

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Sarah (Craftybirdy) said...

Oh! I love Caroline Gaedechens! And what a beautiful, beautiful framing job! How lovely!