Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hello WindBag and Thunder

WindBag and Thunder...I thought it might be a nifty name for my behind the scenes blog. I have a couple of other blogs and they are dedicated to my other interested, I felt I needed a blog to just write some of my general thoughts and ideas, just for fun:)

The image above I'll be using as my "logo" for WindBag and Thunder, its where I got the name from. This image is stitched together from the two companion screens "Screen of the God of Wind and God of Thunder" by Tawaraya Sotatsu from the early 17th Century CE (Japanese National Treasure, Kenninji Temple, Kyoto). The God of Wind is the one with the bag/sheet and the God of Thunder is the one aptly surrounded by drums. I loves these screen the first time I saw them. I love the personification of the elements. When the wind moves across the land at night I imagine this deity passing by invisble in the darkness. When the thunder rumbles in the distance I can imagine this god rolling upon his wheeling drums.

The smoking energy of the clouds at their feet is particularly fine and expressive. These screens are made by painting the pigment directly onto gold leaf and here it is used as a startling and powerful ground. Hmmm

Well, here's cheers to WindBag and Thunder !!


Liana said...

O.K well I'm sure this image is fine, but a nice photo of you holding your breath with puffed out cheeks would have been equally good. Don't you think?

Florence said...

One night, when the mood comes to me, I'll take some puffy cheek photos and post them just for you Lani:D Well...maybe not, only if they don't look too tragic. Maybe I'll make a doll of it instead? Could be fun!