Friday, June 09, 2006

Songs for My Cat - FEED MEoW


Fish for Dinner
Steak for Tea
Chicken for Lunch
Milk for Me.

Waiting for tidbits
Purring s' loud
when foodtime is over
for cuddles too proud.

writen today by me, Florence Forrest.

I like writing rhymes, they're fun. But I don't know what to do with them. I guess I'll write them here for you and I'll sing them to Baby, my cat, my muse.

Hey, what's that picture you ask? They're tangrams, otherwise know as the Seven-Board of Cunning (that's ch'i ch'ae pan) its an ancient Chinese game using a square cut into seven special pieces, that the player uses to create silhouettes of things. I have a book that contains 1,600 different figures to attempt, those above are some of the cats. Did you know that the house logo I use for Lilli&Tom is a configuration of the tangram. Well, its true!

Tonight, preparing this blog, I played with my own wood tangram set and attempted some tangrams. It was creative and challenging. I bet if one was to practice this game it could help in training to "think outside the square", you know that stuff everyone insists you should do but doesn't really know how to do themselves...yeah that stuff. (please excuss the pun in this paragraph!)

It's really easy to make your own set out of heavy cardboard. If anyone would like, I'll post up the tangram square and some more illustrations to try out. Libraries would have books on it. It was quite popular with the primary schools when I was little, that's where I first encountered them:)


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

I was just looking for my plastic tangram the other day for a Dungeon Master I know who needs it for a d&d game. I don't know what happened to it. But maybe I could make one out of perspex or something more lasting than cardboard- any ideas? It would be good if you published the pattern!
btw my cat is threatening to go live at your place! There is no poetry in dentabites.

Liana said...

Yes please! I must know more.....

Florence said...

In my square heart I knew they would be popular!!!

mb said...

what would the collective noun be for a trio of artists?
whenever i read poems about cats i think of 'pad pad' by stevie smith
the poem isn't about cats but the last line 'softly i go now pad pad'always makes me imagine a cat alone in a house slinking through sunlight

mb said...

please forgive tangram misspelling
woe is me!

Florence said...

For MB

Pad pad, listen careful to the silence of the cat and they will let your spirit run with them by the hedgeways while you sleep.