Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Owe it All to My Mum - practice makes perfect

Last Weekend was Mother's Day and I spent the day with my mum on Gold Coast having lunch and picking up lots of great fabrics, felts and embellishments from her shop, Laraine's on Capri. My mother has run a craft shop for over 20 years and it's from her that I have the wonderful ability to make things with fabric.

The heart above is one of her many designs that she package as kits. She also holds workshops teaching silk ribbon embroidery and elegant crazy patchwork. As you can see her work is immaculate and has been published in books on silk ribbon embroidery.

One of the most valuable lessons she taught me was to be conscious of the neatness of my stitches. When I was younger I would watch what my mum made and tried my best to copy. One year it was mum's birthday, I had secretly made her a cross stitch rose bookmark. I was very proud of myself because I had taught myself to do it and knew it would be a big surprise. Mum was very surprised to see what I had made her, but when she turned it over she saw how messy my stitches were on the back and then promptly told me the way it should be done so that all the stitches on the reverse when up and down in neat rows. I must admit to being a bit crest fallen...but it was that attention to detail that has stuck with me through all these years. Without her advice I might never had looked for ways to correct my work - this has been so useful in so many areas that I've had to forgive her ;)

(Flying Star Toys on Etsy update: 2 new Snow Walkers available in new colours Pistachio and Blueberry Ice)


kimy said...

florence - I just spent a few minutes 'lost' in your wonderful forest of art, musings and toys thanks to jude. so delightful to discover a world of kindred spirits through the magic of the blogosphere! I had to add your site (main?) as a place for frequent nibbling. thanks, I know I'm going to enjoy my trips...namaste, kim

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You and your mother share a great love of craft. You got your talent from her.

shula said...

So is this how you source such beautiful quality fabrics.

I remember traipsing around Europe with embroidery. The yayas would barely glance at the front before they flipped it over.

It was ALL about the back.

Fortunately for me, I'd been taught well, as you were, as a child, and passed inspection, or I doubt they would have given me the time of day.

I got a lot of good feeds out of that embroidery.

Felicia said...

Sounds like you mom imparted some wonderful skills to you. :)

jude said...

a lovely tribute to a mum, great to have such a resource. its' funny, i work in layers so i rarely have a back, my mess is mostly in the middle, good thing, best not to see it at all.

Florence said...

Kimy, its great to have you here, please fell welcome :) I've added your quilting blog to my Friends side bar link list.

Thanks Captian :)

Shula, ah so you know about the secrets of the reverse! I should have known ;)

Felicia thankyou for your lovely comment, I've also added your blog to my friends side bar ^-^

Jude, But your reverse is a whole new universe!! you are the Queen of the Reverse :D