Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flying Star Toys on Etsy!

Flying Star Toys in now on Esty!!!

I'm pleased to announce that Flying Star Toys has taken its first steps online. After realising how much I still need to learn about web development (yikes!) I thought it might be best to start off with an Esty shop to get the ball rolling.

This month I'm offering free shipping on all items and 25% off to any of my previous customers (if that's you just email me first :)

I've had to make several important decisions over the past months about how much time I wish to devote to the toy making/designing part of my practise. Consigning toys at retail outlets has never been very profitable mainly due to the very high prices the toys had to be sold for. I've decided that instead of stocking stores Flying Star Toys will mainly be an online business from now on. The good thing about it is that I've been able to *slash* my prices.

So now all my toys are much more affordable!!! This makes me feel much better. Another benefit of been an online business is that I can send Flying Star Toys into the world with all the little extras that tell the story of what Flying Star Toys is all about.

Like the Flying Star Toys Manifesto:

Flying Star Toys connects the fast paced modern age with our ancient dreaming psyche. To bring joy to the weary heart, to be a light in the darkness, and to be a vision of compassion is what it means to be a Flying Star.

The manifesto guides my work and all of my toy designs reflect these sentiments. I strive to make unique toys for the development of the imagination for this reason I describe Flying Star Toys as Imagination Technology (tm). I hope to tell you more about Imagination Technology a bit later.

But for now, why now have a little look at the new shop. New work will be available for sale when I launch a new toy on WindBag and Thunder from now on. You might have to be quick however...I know the fabulous (and sneaky) Shula of Poppalina has already bought all three Snow Walkers I had available!

Thank-you for your support Shula, and thank-you to everyone for your continuing comments and thoughts here on WindBag and Thunder. xx


Felicia said...

Congratulations! Best of luck with your new shop :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Your shop looks super, Florence. Wishing you the best.

jude said...

oh that shula, what a sneak! good luck, your stuff looks great

Florence said...

Thanks Jude and Jean-Luc for your well wishes. The shops is off to a "Flying" start ;)(Jude, your Pimmie Parrot is on its way!!)

Felicia, thankyou for your kind thoughts please feel welcome here on WindBag and Thunder.


Friederike! said...

Oh no, Shula was faster. I loved your Snow Walkers! Oh that Shula ;o)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Wow Florence this is great. I can post links to your shop all my sites if that helps?

xxxs and ooos
a very sniffly merly
(bloody hayfever)