Monday, May 28, 2007

Mosaic Monday: I heart Flickr

This is the latest snap shot of a few of my current Flickr Favorites. Flickr is a great Web2 social networking/sharing site that has so many great uses especially for us creative types.

I use Flickr not only to store my images and get to know lots of great creative people from all over the world, but also to research images. I tell people "forget google image search" for most things Flickr is going to be so much more useful. The reason for this is that Flickr with its massive online community allows users to both rename (to change them from xxx29846.jpg) and tag photos (eg horse, brown, animal etc), which most images on the web are not.

I most often use Flickr to search for images connected to my work as Frank Theatre's design dramaturge, my last big search I made was for images referring to Voodoo (did you know there exists Voodoo Donuts? something I discovered). Otherwise, collecting beautiful and amusing images in my Flickr favourites is a frequent passtime.

If you're an arts/craft person and not yet on Flickr then hurry up and join, its free and very addictive :)

Shula of Poppalina started a group called Mosaic Monday that uses fd's Flickr Toys to make a photo mosaic online. The image above is created there and then sent to my flickr account, I then post it to the Mosaic Monday group for others to see. Making groups is another useful feature of Flickr. Shula also recently created a Breakfast Sunday group...but I didn't join because I thought endless photos of my vegemite on toast might get a bit monotonous...(lol)

So here's to Flickr my favourite social networking site after blogging :D

Image list:

1. kitty, 2. William the Third, 3. Toro, 4. group pic, 5. Buttons for Jason, 6. Crane, 7. Snap- version 2, 8. the bench, 9. custom order - plushie

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's an imaginative use of the system, Florence.

shula said...

Vegiemite on toast.

A sadly under-rated Australian staple.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

I think you should join the flickr breakfast group- you will become a cult hit with your vegemite toast every week while everyone else tries to impress with their fancy croissants, blanched greens and healthy fruit creations. It will also be fascinating to see the subtle changes over time in the way that butter and vegemite are applied - like reading the tea leaves to your psyche. But then maybe you do not wish to reveal your innermost secrets so easily....

Friederike! said...

flickr is a great source of inspiration, that´s right. Hm, vegiemite toast sounds yummie. I agree with rebecca you should post your toast :o)

kimy said...

earlier today I was thinking that I really should check out what flickr is all about, what I've seen in the blogosphere I've liked -reading you post is icing on the cake! thanks for pushing me off the fence! although the last thing I need is something else that's 'addictive'

kimy said...

whoops, should I have said vegamite on the toast

Florence said...

Thanks Captian :)

Shula, too true. I read once on the back of a Talking Heads albumn that toast is Australia's national dish...that sounded right to me :0P

Bec, I had not though of that..I like the idea of being a cult hit :) but perhaps your right it may reveal too much!

Friederike, I should shouldn't I...I'll see how I go this Sunday :)

Kimy, lol "Vegemite on Toast" yes indeed :) Flickr is indespensible, I think you'll love it!


jaihn said...

Ooh yes - Flickr fan here, too.
I only put one pic there so far, and use it more for inspirational roaming too.

You might enjoy a romp thru my groups and favo(u)rites - at


Florence said...

Thanks Jiahn :) Flickr favourites is indeed a fun pastime.