Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TechGnoMe Mini have arrived!

TechGnoMe Mini have been patiently waiting their turn to jump off the toy shelf. They are the little sister of TechGnoMe Original that was launched last year. My good friend Liana Kabel aka Plastic Girl and her whole family fell in love with them and I had repeated requests for a mini series to accompany TechGnoMe Original. So I went back to the drawing board and tinkered away until a perfect companion was designed.

Standing only 14cm or 5 1/2 inches tall, new features include a re-designed tassel and sewn face with rim in matching hi-gloss wool as well as new colours and combinations. Speaking of combinations....the possibilities seem endless! So every TechGnoMe Mini combination has been given a special name. As a dedication to Plastic Girl - "If it Looks like a Lolly I Like it", I've named them all after lollies!! In Flying Star Toys on Etsy you'll currently find the four TechGnoMe Mini in the photo above. They are from left to right: Strawberry Bonbon, Boysenberry Taffy, Jelly Bean and Sunshine Musk. Like their big sister they are super lucky and super happy friends from the Virtual Magic Forest.

Do you remember the TechGnoMe song? Sing along if you know it!

"TechGnoMe, TechGnoMe,
As far as I can see,
I see TechGnoMe!"

PS: a little reminder, the Free Postage launch special is now in its last week! xx


jude said...

i'm singing.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

They're a delightful creation, Florence.

Liana said...

I'm in love with them all! My one needs a friend, or 2, or 3.....

Florence said...

Thanks everyone :)


Felicia said...

They're so cute!

Florence said...

thanks Felicia :D