Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Coast of Provence 6 - Paul Klee

Rebecca the Wrecker has invited us to join in her Nautical Week. Since I have just been in the quilt zone I thought I would share a work by another of my favourite artists - Paul Klee. I have often thought his work to be in sympathy with the quilt.

Paul Klee frequently used the boat motive through out his career, even as his work became progressively abstract the boat remained. "Coast of Provence 6" is an extremely sophisticated painting - notice the waves of yellow on the diagonal that seam to sweep across the surface creating a shimmering glow. The rectangles are the buildings around the port and the triangles and squares above are the boats on the water.

Rebecca mentioned that yellow was the fourth and often neglected nautical colour, as you can see, Paul Klee does not ignore its potential.

"Coast of Provence 6", 1927, water colour on paper, 22.8 x 30cm.


jude said...

oh my gosh, paul klee is my favorite, i just got a copy of his book, the thinking eye, i am liking his system of personalized symbols as a guide to developing a magic sytem of my own. i was just about to do a post about it. amazing!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I haven't heard of him, but the picture looks very effective.

Anonymous said...

I love Klees work, the paintingthat always springsto mind when I hear his name is the Twittering machine... what a delightful title...

twittering machine

it's a delightful image. And yes his works would make wonderful quilts.

xxs andoos

Shell said...

Mmm, I love his use of pattern. Colours are luscious.

Nautical week? Oh, it feels like that here too - what with this gorgeous sunny, summery weather we've been having.

Florence said...

Jude, I have have that book too. I haven't had the oportunity to read much of it but it's amazing. I look forward to your work based on your new studies!!

JL..a Torquey holiday memory perhaps? :D

Merly (aka Bridget), so glad to hear from you. No problems with cold transmissions via the puter. Hope your getting better.

"Twittering Machine" was the first Paul Klee painting that I ever saw. I remember reading the title "Twittering Machine oil" and I thought that the painting was a characterization of the singing oil in machines as the cogs turned, but I later found out that the medium of the painting was oil and the title was just "Twittering Machine." lol I still love that painting and to this day I still like to think of it as "Twittering Machine Oil" ;)

Shell, we have had a few really hot days her in Brisbane haven't we, this painting is now a feather in my studio bringing its fresh Nautical week relief.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Thanks for joining in the nautical fun! i love Paul Klee and my childhood bedroom had a print of his Sinbad the Sailor (a knight standing in a boat and stabbing weird looking fish in a wave with a harpoon):
It was a gift from my strange father.

Florence said...

Miss Wrecker, I have been enjoying you nautical week very much. I really love that painting "Sinbad the Sailor" all posters has a great collection too. Your dad is strange but in a good way....just like us I guess ;)and you have to admire his taste.


louise said...

Klee is one of my all time favourite artists as well.

Florence said...

Louise, Its lovely to have you here. Please feel welcome.