Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Delightful Show - Umbrella Collective 2006

This was the first Umbrella Collective show and we were all very excited and a bit nervous too...would anyone show up? Will all go smoothly?

We began our set up Friday,the day before the show. Arriving with our car loads of stuff, we quickly brought out boxes and boxes of supplies, displays and goodies. Thanks to the marvelous organisation skills of Kylie Johnson (Paper Boat Press) and some wonderful volunteers things went quickly and without frission.

Rebecca the Wrecker took these photos and here is one of me waiting behind my stand in preparation for the show to begin. You can see MagicCatsMini, TechGnomes, Pimmie Parrots and a few other toys and items that I have yet to tell you about :) It has been very hot lately so I was glad to be near the window, however the room was quite cool and so it keep people browsing among the lovely stands all day...towards the end of the day groups of chatting people even started to sit in groups on the floor.

When 9am came it was like a king tide flowed through the doors, I was told that some people still had the newspaper article about us clutched in their hands. I really don't know were the time went and I deeply apologize to those with who came to see me but didn't get a chance to say hello to. A big thankyou to all those who came to the Umbrella Collective Christmas show and to those who helped out (especially Mr Accordion and MB), I know we all had a great time, I hope you did too :)

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Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

you stand looked totally gorgeous flo! just wish i'd been in a frame of mind to pillage it before the crowds rushed in! congrats!

jude said...

looks like a lot of new goodies there on your table. and you nestled in among all those magical creations. you fit right in like the queen of a fantasy village! i am sorry i am so far away, i certainly would have visited. looks like quite a crowd. and quite a lot of fun.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a wonderful show, Florence. You look super waiting behind your stand.

I wish I could have visited from Britain; I know I would have bought a few items.

Angela said...

It was a wonderful show and lovely to meet you Florence!

lotusgreen said...

congratulations! what a great turnout you got! hope it felt like a success in every way!

lotusgreen said...

p.s. you are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Yay! And congratulations - you gals are an awesome crafty team, it was wonderful to see all of your brilliant and diverse work in person. :)

Florence said...

Miss Wrecker, since you set up just before opening I thought you might have been just a bit stressed ;) but you know where I live and there's the Giant Brisbane Crafters Swap Meet coming up soon so we can be sure of some pillaging:)

Jude, what a lovely thing to say. Funnnily, I recently played a butterfly queen in a short film with my life-size cloth dolls Lilli&Tom.

Captain, thanks for the encouragement :D

Angela, I really appreciated you saying hi and having a chat, get crafting gal and start that blog!! ;)

LotusGreen, aww shucks *blushes* I'm pleased to say it was a very successful day for everyone.

Shell, I do thankyou for coming along, I can't believe I didn't get a chance to speak with you! I hope we can make up for that in the future.


Anonymous said...

Holy smolies, don't you all look wonderful. I am so sad I couldn't be there to shop!!!!!

It looks like a lovely event! Before you know it you'll all be famous!!!! and I will have to wait in line!

congratulations ladies, it all looked like a fabulous time!

XXXs and OOOs

rashbre said...

See all the expectant toys lined up waiting to be loved! Great snap.