Thursday, November 30, 2006

My first Net Swap

Shell, a fellow Brisbane artist and blogger, swapped me one of her new toys for a TechGnoMe. Her new toy owls are called "Hooter" and I was so excited when the Australia Post package man knocked on the door this afternoon. Not only was there this wonderful hand drawn toy but she also included a linocut and an etching of birds as well.

This was my first internet craft swap and I have to say I like it :D I have always loved getting packages in the mail and I have just discovered that getting handmade toys in the mail are the BEST packages to receive!! really!

Thanks Shell.

Oh, and check out the cussion behind the Hooter, I picked it up today from the Salvos. What a great day!


jude said...

amazing again, ran into these "hooters" online while researching owls. i actually bookmarked the link because they were done with markers! the cushion is wonderful too!

Florence said...

Jude, we must be on a similar wave length as we keep mirroring each other in the most interesting ways :D


Anonymous said...

Oooooh net-swap! What a fun idea... I have done that with postcards!

Sounds like a very cool thing to do!

hugs , hugs , hugs

in a huggy mood.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

lovely owl and cushion- are you ready for a non-internet pre-xmas swap too?!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

How beautiful; it's a great idea, Florence.

Thanks so much for your card.

Florence said...


I think it a great thing to do. I'm up for more swaps :D

xxxs and ooos

Miss Wrecker, I'm ready for the Grand Swap meet see you there!

Captain, thankyou for your card :0)


SallyF said...

ooh nice work that owl's lovely, lucky you. I've just done my first web swap too, isn't it a great feeling? Here's what I got from my swap

Florence said...

Hi Sally F, Please feel welcome here :) You're sway sure was lovely. Thanks for adding WindBag and Thunder to your sidebar. I'll add you to my friends section too.