Thursday, November 16, 2006

I see TechGnoMe

The TechGnoMe Song

TechGnoMe, TechGnoMe,
As far as I can see,
I see TechGnoMe!

Meet TechGnoMe, they come from the Virtual Magic Forest. They are super happy and with their magic tassle they are super lucky too. TechGnoMe would love to live in your Virtual Garden (that is your computer desk ;) or anywhere that needs some fun. They are sure to bring you a happier day!

TechGnoMe faces are each individually drawn on felt using artist quality pigments for long life. They are made from panne velvet and spandex specially choosen for their techno visual appeal. TechGnoMe are weighted in the base so they will stand tall no matter how freaked out you might get while dealing with daily issues. Tinkle their little bell when in need of extra luck.

TechGnoMe are a Flying Star Toy.


Anonymous said...

love their little computer screen goggles! do use stretch fabric much? is it hard to work with?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

They look super! Something to liven our computer desks with. Well done, Florence.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Florence, you are invited to the Enterprise Christmas Party, due to start week commencing Monday 4th December.

The closing date for submitting your entry is Wednesday 29th November.

For full details, visit my Journal at

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

So much better than a "Tickle Me Elmo Extreme!!" Wouldn't tickling something in the extreme cause it too pee pn the floor?

I like the TechGonMe, But I would watch out for the GLF (Gnome Liberation Front). If they get wind of these little guys, there will be no rest.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

TechGoMe for Me!
How do the Novas Infinite and TechGnoMe's get along? Do they bond well? or fight to the death? It would be terrible to arrive at the office to a sea of fluff and shredded fabric.

Shell said...

These are so clever!

Florence Forrest said...

Jude, Thanks :D I find these fabrics become much more managable when they are lined. I use an iron-on "woven or knitted look" polyester interfacing (not sure what its called but its used as an interfacing on shear and light weight fabrics). Also, match and pin the ends and then machine sew and it will sew evenly, don't pin the whole length as it will bunch and slip -strange but true. (especially when sewing different types of stretch materials together.)

Captain, looking forward to the party! thanks :D

AOC, extreme tickling can lead to extreme bladder problems. I think a TechGnoMe would be a much better option as the happiness of TechGnoMe is more like a constant feeling of wellbeing with no messy or embarrassing side effects :D I'll have to watch out for the GLF.

Miss Wrecker, TechGnoMe and Novas Infinite get on very well. They are from very different places though -Novas Infinite are from another dimension while TecGnoMe come from the Virtual Magic Forrest. They both love technology though and so have a common ground on which to build a friendship. They are both very good natured and don't tend to make enemies very often, so you can be assured that having both a Novas Infinite and a TechGnoMe will infact raise the good spirits of your home or computing environment.

Shell, Thank you having a TechGnoMe around increases my cleverness because they lower stress and stress has been found to be very damaging to the brain - Brain is GOOD :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Florence they are a wonder! You do make the most fabulous things you know. I am so inspired by your work. :)


okay back to the slavorium oops I mean scriptorium...

Merly incognito

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Merly :D

xxxxs and oooos

Liana Kabel said...

The girls are putting in their orders for these. Amaya (age 9) said "I am going to ring her and see if i can buy one".

Liana Kabel said...

My mum wants one too!

Liana Kabel said...

Me too!!!

Florence Forrest said...

Oh my! I have 9 for the show, but I can make more afterwards too. Better get in quick on these ;)

mb said...

imagine a group of people singing the TechGnoMe song can we add verses?

Florence Forrest said...

MB, yes but I reserve the right to moderate its contents :p Its a great song...I think you were the first to hear it too.