Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mini Quilt - Turkish Coffee

I haven't quilted in ages, but I've been itching to quilt for so long. I wasn't planning to make a mini-quilt. When I began I had some other plans in mind but as it came along I discovered it was going to be too fine for my initial purpose.

Completely hand sewn "Turkish Coffee" is made with a combination of fabrics: quilt cottons from Yuwa - reproduction 1830s designs; golden silk in two colours; and some lovely textured weaves from Japan. (I bought the Yuwa fabrics and the Japanese waffle weave fabric from The Quilters Barn when they were here for the last Craft&Stitches show.) Its dimensions are 46cm x 51cm (18" x 201/4').

Its a very traditional quilt really, the design base is Wild Goose Chase (that's the triangles all going in the same direction as you can see). But what fascinates me is the un-ending combinations possible even with tried and true favourites. The challenge is in the nuance - bringing something of beauty into being completely sympathetic to the materials.

It is also very satisfying to bring small bits of fabric together to make a cloth of unbelievably more marvelous a quality that the sum of its parts.

I was inspired to make "Turkish Coffee" from a singular Amish quilt from Indiana (c 1910), from the book Quilts From the Indiana Amish: A regional Collection. It is a singular quilt because it incorporates printed fabrics which the Amish rarely use. But additional to this I would also like to mention another source of inspiration, for I couldn't help but think of her while I worked with the magic blue moon fabric - Jude, one of my favourite quilters, for her quilts are truly magic.


queen of light and joy said...

IT'S SO BEW-TIFUL! Does the extent of your talent never end?

jude said...

hey, you know me very well, i love that blue fabric(comments on flicker). i get to use some silk soon, my brother just came back from thailand. i am inspired by the sheen and its sensitivity to the stitch. i'll snag a few bits for you and send it on over.

Florence said...

Queen, I hope not lol :D your comment is much appreciated as always ;)

Jude, a silk stash from Thialand sounds tooo good. I'll flikr mail you :)


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

That is gorgeous work florence.
cannot wait to see what you have in store 25 november...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What an absolutely wonderful quilt; I echo Queen of Light & Joy's comment. I love quilt designs.

shula said...

Florence, that is just stunning.

Florence said...

Thankyou friends its wonderful to be able to share it with you.

Shula, its so lovely to have you drop in :D please feel welcome here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Florence!!! I adore quilts, my mother makes them. Yours is delightful and the colours fabulous!

I know we have both been busy but it's great to drop by and see new posts! I have been busy all day with setting up a blogspot scribal community... crazy!

love ang hugs hoping cold bugs don't travel through the computer
xxs and oos

Florence said...

Thanks Merly :D

glad to hear your back at it.
I'll drop by and read all about it.


mb said...

evening Florence doubtless you've read this before but beautiful quilt am enraptured

Florence said...

MB, very glad you like it, since you are a man of refined tastes.