Monday, February 26, 2007

Good after Bad - The Museum of Bad Art

Today, Rebecca the Wrecker sent me a link that she thought I might enjoy, I did and I asked her if I might have the dibs on sharing it with you. She said she was "totally" OK with that :) So without further ado I can share with you the wonderful world of The Museum of Bad Art or MOBA as it is called.

In their own words:

As the only museum dedicated to bringing the worst of art to the widest of audiences we felt morally compelled to explore new, more creative ways of bringing this priceless collection of quality bad art to a global audience. Another Boston-area cultural institution, Dedham Community Theater, generously allowed MOBA the use of their basement. Our permanent gallery is now conveniently located just outside the men’s room in a 1927 movie theater.

I thoroughly enjoyed the featured works in the three online collections. I've selected one piece from each for you here.

The first is from the Portraiture collection: Peter the Kitty by Mrs Jackson, the accompanying text reads, "Stirring in its portrayal of feline angst. Is Peter hungry or contemplating his place in a hungry world? The artist has evoked both hopelessness and glee with his irrational use of negative space."

The second picture is from the Landscape collection: Dog by an unknown artist reads, "A remarkable fusion of ski resort and wolf puppy -- stoical in his yellow-eyed silence, frozen beneath the ice-capped peak, Dog eloquently challenges the viewer to re-examine old concepts of landscape. " I recommend reading the additional information that accompany each piece as it often contains amusing anecdotes and sagas involving the work.

And finally, from the Unseen Forces collection, In The Cat's Mouth attributed to Pangorda reads, "A comment on issues of power as experienced by those who dwell with feline pets. Is the artist consumed with or consumed by his love for this cat? Does he identify with the personality of the startling animal? Does the similarity between these inseparable cohabitants stop short at the nose? Or is he simply trying to observe a tree-lined avenue through a cat's eyes?"

There is so much to love about the MOBA, whether it's the art, the descriptions, the amusing stories, the free newsletter and membership (I joined!), even the possibility of purchasing postcards of "Peter the Kitty" , if I was in Boston I would enjoy attending the exhibition openings of the MOBA. But failing that, whenever the stresses of confronting the hydra-headed Gorgon that is the art world, I think I'll head over to the MOBA online gallery, enjoy a laugh or two and a quiet smile of appreciation for that crazy muse I love so much.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think the Tate Modern gallery in London has a wide share of bad art, such as an unmade bed!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

If you like MOBA, then you might like this mean spirted judging of kid's art. I am evil cuz I laughed so hard I almost wet myself the first time I read it.

I am off ot look over MOBA now.

VictoriaE said...

I love bad art.

Miss Frugality said...

...Been enjoying your blog for a while and wanted to say hello and thanks for posting this ...I laughed so much!

shango said...

Florence, waiting with baited breath your flogging of a/the Gorgon.

Recently i was told i had to 'walk the walk' and 'talk the talk' in Club Postgrad. FA,

At which 'lounge' is best though?

jude said...

love this bad art, or good art or whatever we call it. tks.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

bad art.
well you know what's funny is that in the middle ages there was also some terribly bad art which is now worth millions so go figure...

When Manet first showed in the salon he was the laughing stock of the town and ridiculed...

today's bad art is tomorrows billions.

but the head in the cat's mouth made me giggle.

Shell said...

Oh, wonderful! I have to admit to actually liking the second two pieces (yes, seriously), though the cat at the top does kinda frighten me. I think I like 'bad art' better than good art. Maybe.

LadyRayCello said...

I live so close to the MOBA! I have not yet gone. Magpie's in Somerville, MA (which is literally up my street) just re-opened and they have a bunch of stuff from MoBA there. It's hilarious.

Florence said...

Captian, It is often hard to tell ;)

AOC, (lol) After reading that guy bag the drawings of six year olds, I know you are indeed an evil clone :-P

Victoriae and Miss Frugality, bad art is good! thanks for your comments, please feel welcome here :)

Shango, thanks for your devoted support. Nearly learing to walk, perhaps I'm just at crawling the crawl (as long as its the Australian Crawl I should be OK ;)

Jude, via la Freedom of Art! xx

Merly, the different is often asked to conform to the mode of the day. Then, however the different becomes a style and the norm of tomorrow and in turn it oppresses the different of the future. This cycle is always in action, so wrote Kandinsky. Artists must just DO and let art history call it as it likes afterwards...Ray and Charles Eames said they didn't know if it what they did was art, they would let history worry about that, they jut did the things they wanted to do. (I love their films - especially the spinning top one and x10(?) :)

Shell, these are fun and make me smile, that's a good thing I think :)

Ladyraycello, hey should should totally go to the MOBA. I checked out Magpie and it must have some cool stuff there if they support the MOBA. Thanks for joining in, please feel welcome here on WindBag and Thunder :D