Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Red Pig - Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Red (fire) Pig! The generous and meticulous pig loves beautiful things and living well. The pig, far from being lazy, is dedicated to looking after its environment and the people they love.

In Chinese astrology I'm a Brown (earth) Rabbit born in a Green (wood) Tiger year, my lucky element is Water. You can find out yours and what a Red Pig year will mean for you here.

Apparently it will be a pretty good year for me, but when looking at my lucky cycles (that is 10 years) I should be really rocking when I'm 39 to 59. I had better start laying more of that ground work then ;)

Helle made some work for the Syndey Chinese New Year using flesh pink felt and embroidery, see it here.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's an appropriate thing to have at this time of year; perhaps there needs to be one for all the symbols made?

rashbre said...

Happy year of the pig. We were out at the celebrations yesterday in Manchester's China Town.


mb said...

hey Florence given that my surname is Bacon it's gratifying to know i'm generous and meticulous

helle said...

Florence... happy new year to you too. Your pig looks happy and warm.
I saw some footage of ringing in the new year in Beijing. A gigantic bell the size of a car with a tree trunk-size donger (not the right word, I think).
Thanks for mentioning my work.


jude said...

ok, i have been inspired to put a pig on the quilt, to mark the coming of this new year... and maybe a white metal rabbit(me). you got nice mention on whip up again, as deserved.

shannon said...

Hi Florence,
The new baby will be a little fire pig. It has always felt like a pretty relaxed happy little pig. Can't wait to see it!

Florence said...

thanks everyone :D

Jude, your work is always inspiring me, I'm glad I can be also of service ;)

Shannon, you will soon have your own little piggy....we all can't wait either and are thinking of you everyday.


Florence said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that this porcelain pig (a gift from Ellen - a jeweller friend here in Brisbane), sits in my kitchen by the chopping board. Kitch in the Kitchen is most appropriate it reminds us of the things we do and eat.

Speaking of kitch: I have just added two pineapple wall plates to the kitchen (from thrifting in the Sandgate Salvos), they are both a reminder for me to eat fruit and a declaration of state pride, as Queensland is the "Sunshine" state and the pineapple has long been associated with it.