Thursday, February 15, 2007

I heart Web 2.0

A little late on the St. Valentine's day thing, but it was only just now that I found something worth proclaiming my love for after seeing this excellent video over on The Long Tail. Some of my friends have been wondering what I mean when I mention Web 2.0, this might help ;)

(run time approx less than 5 mins.)


jude said...

great! love it 2!!!!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Okay that was astonishing!
Thank-you for sharing that with us!

sharing is good.

xxs and oos
Merly from over here, waving to you, over there!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

It is amazing how the web has change since I started using it back in 13 years ago or how much computer have changed an average househould since the TRS 80 I had as a kid.

The new ideas, tech and forms of use are still out stripping my ablity to keep up to speed.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

I remember learning to code basic on an IBM PET. What I really learned was how to crash them. ASCII text sprewing orange vomit over the small screens until someone pulled the plug , literally.

I rememeber reading William Gibson and being awed at his visions, now they are coming true.

Pong was exciting ...

back up was done on cassette tape

Much of my whole world is online, I met my husband on line a continent away, and now I have friends online that chances are I will never meet in real time but we share worlds! Under Merlyn I write several blogs, under anotehr name I host a blog for medieval calligraphers and illuminators, a virtual place were we can share ideas and images...ten years ago this was not possible... We are the ones creating what will come next...

I hope I CAN keep up because this is exciting and awe inspiring.

Florence said...

It has changed so fast, and is changing, but also becoming more useful.

I love exploring the power of sites like Flickr, for example, discovering its 'hidden' features and pathways and thinking of ways to utilise them. That such possiblies are not limited and can be 'invented' is what drives the whole system forward.

Being curious I think helps: it's questions like,"what does that do?" or "What happens if I do that?" or "How can I find another way around that?" I seem to be practising everyday while I'm online or doing computer work. It's only been a few years I've been working with computers, and only over one year of blogging, but in that time...I think I have learn a great deal and become quite proficient in areas that before seemed very confusing.

It was when I took up blogging (my first blog Lilli&Tom) that the internet really began to open up. I think it a great way to explore the web and begin to see it for the exciting tool and active learning environment that it is or has become and will become.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That was dazzling! Can someone tell me how to use all that????

rashbre said...

Good thought provoking stuff. Glad we are linking and thinking.

Florence said...

Captain, I think you already are :D

rashbre, indeed!