Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Please Welcome Best Bunny

This month sees the launch of Best Bunny! Best Bunny sits up straight and tall and is always ready to answer a question or help a friend. You can read the whole story on the Best Bunny Story page.

Best Bunny was designed about 6 months ago and I have been excitedly awaiting their release. I had so many to release last year for the website launch that I had to keep quite a few toys back for this year. Launching one toy a month just doesn't seem enough as more and more fabulous toys keep popping up in my studio!!

However, in the time that intervened I had the opportunity to try the pattern out on a number of different fabric combinations. From this I now can bring you two different series of Best Bunny: The Jack and Jill series (as seen above) and the Chocolate Box series (as seen below). For more images see the Best Bunny Gallery.

Some of the features of Best Bunny include: a variegated fluffy wool tail pompom made from a wool blend called Nepal by Katia (the ones on the left hand side in this image); a sewn in jingle bell and bow so the bow will never untie and slip out of place; hand dyed variegated wool felt eye circles; Japanese sashiko cotton in pink for the bell, eye, nose and mouth details; fine brushed cotton fabrics for soft to the touch textures. So with the special nature of the variegated materials each Best Bunny will have its own unique expression and touches.

Welcome Best Bunny to the Flying Star Toys collections :)


shula said...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

T well chosen name, Florence.

Friederike! said...

they are beautiful!

cliodhna's wave said...

I adore them! they are so cute. I can just imagine having one of these as a child and loving it to pieces!

jude said...

welcome! from one side they look like chocolate bunnies. love the nose detail.

Helen said...

I love the stories that go with your toys.

BTW you make my day! I've nominated you for an award.

Florence said...

So many lovely comments, so many lovely people :) Thanks everyone!

and a special than you to Helen for the award on her blog www.craftactually.com