Friday, July 07, 2006

Chillax this weekend

In reference to Miss Wrecker's question, would I start making Star Trek dolls now?

I sternly reprimanded her. I do apologise.

While surfing through my new friend Jean-luc Picard's blog from Picard's Journal I found another great story blog Captain's Blog by Captain Berk. He's recommended this YouTube offering of Spock's Crib. Check it out (if you haven't already) it very funny. It uses Star Trek dolls for the characters.

So this is for you Miss Wrecker.

And a great weekend to yawl, have fun and "Chillax".

(original image taken from "A Star Trek Catalogue", Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1979, then altered)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

So there you are, Florence. 'Star Trek' dolls are available. What does mine look like?

Florence said...

Gosh, you know this is really dredging up the long lost, You've reminded me that I actually had a Picard Doll. Given to me as a gift. Gee, now how could I have forgotten that!

I believe he was proportioned after the Captain's physique in First Contact.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Why don't you take a picture of it and put it on a post? I'm sure a Picard doll looks great.

Florence said...

I'm sure it would have too. But unfortunately, those items I posted last time where all that remains of my collection. Many years ago I lost most of my possession, only memories remain...sometimes not even those! But I seem to be in recovery mode, ironing out the folds of time.

stay tuned for this week's posts though, should be fasinating.

images of C. P. great too:)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hi Florence,
Found your site via the Captains and wanted to say how wonderful it is.

The Arts are so important. I will definately visit more often.

Florence said...

Hi Merlyn G. I've been tracing the people who post on P. Journal.
Super glad to hear from you:D

Its so good to find such a linked community of bloggers.

will definitely check into your blog too.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sorry to hear that you lost so many items. Possessions are important as they are a link with our past.

I agree, Florence, I think I have a fine band of bloggers on my list.

Florence said...

The Arts is an interesting sphere, it takes in everthing one thinks and does and transforms them into something new.

My adventures in blogging, these journeys, have already begun to weave a line of work into my future. To dream, to do, to live.

Thanks Captain.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hi Florence,
thanks for the nice words.I actually have a real world website and a couple of real world blogs not just the star wars books.I guess words are in the blood. You can find me at for real.... (that site likes to pretty much everything else I do as well in case you get bored) I try to stay in character when I post on the Captain's blog though...:)
He's pretty damned cool actually ( waves)

What sort of story telling do you do?I used to do that infront of audiences in Newfoundland a long time ago.

RE the loss of possessions... it is a strange thing.. the matter of things... but to write aboutthat woudl take a book, or a blog.


Florence said...

I'll definitely be checking out the your real world blog, Merly:)

Storytelling so far...with each person I meet I begin with them a new story. I gather together all that I know and I unwind somthing just for the silent spaces i can hear their needs. The greater the body of stories and precious thoughts I have at my disposal the better able I am to be of service.

I love folktales, buried in them are the pearls of the subconscious, images and symbols that contect to our minds in a direct manner, like smell has a direct conduit to the brain. When the roots have worked deeply enough into me I'm able to invoke them for the purposes of illumiation.

I love a live audience:)
I'm interested in hearing more about your broader experience as a performer of stories, I do want to develop my skills as a storyteller.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Oi- where is your geek week blog for monday?! am i the only one geeking this week? was it a big joke on me just like the stuff that used to happen to me all the time in school? pull ya finger out Miss Windbag!!

Florence said...

Sorry Bec, I had to do three loads of handwashing this morning!